We went to Egypt a few weeks with one purpose: see the pyramids.

Mission Accomplished. IMG_5718We went to the pyramids on our first full day in Cairo and my first impression was “whoa, these things are huge!”  I realize that I could have looked up the fact that they are 456 feet tall but honestly I probably still would have been surprised at how big they were. IMG_5682I tend to take pessimists approach when I am traveling to famous destinations, I think things such as “I bet Machu Picchu won’t even be that impressive” (it was) or “the fjords of Norway won’t be as beautiful in person as they are in pictures” (they were) and in this case “I bet the pyramids won’t look that big in real life.” (they did) I have a bit of a fear of giving a destination more credit than it deserves before I get there, and then being disappointed once I arrive. As a way to combat my fear of being let down, I bad talk the travel destination in the months leading up to a trip. Irrational? Probably.  Am I going to stop doing this?  Nope. IMG_5653 We roamed around the pyramids for a bit before we decided we wanted to go inside the first pyramid to visit the tomb of King Khufu.  We weren’t really prepared for what the climb inside the pyramid would entail.  We started walking through a small tunnel on the path up into the pyramid.  IMG_5649

As the tunnel ascended it also narrowed, till it was just wider than our shoulders.  The narrower the tunnel became the more the roof dropped in on us.  Before we knew it we were hunched over, essentially climbing through the pyramid on our hands and knees.  It was hot inside the pyramid, it was dark, and you were surrounded by stone just above your head, and to your left and right.  As the tunnel hit its smallest point we came face to face with a group of people on their way down, trying to exit the pyramid.  We would press our bodies against one side of the stone tunnel as the people on their way down would press against the other side and carefully slide past one another, becoming awfully familiar with each person as they passed our way.  All of a sudden our progress stopped.  IMG_5626 Lauren had been our fearless leader the entire trek up into the pyramid and she had stopped in her tracks.  All I was able to see from my crouched position was Adam’s tushy.  Lauren was unable to continue on her path as a gentleman coming down through the tunnel began to feel the anxiety that comes along with being in a hot and very small space.  Unfortunately, the only path up was through this man.  We all held our squatted positions waiting for him to gain enough composure to continue on his way.  The longer we held our position waiting for him the louder the voices in my head were telling me to turn around and run for the fresh air.  After what seemed like an eternity, but in reality was probably less than a minute, the man slowly continued on his trek down and out of the pyramid.  We quickly snuck past him, and scurried as fast as we could the remaining climb into the tomb, and thankful for the tall ceilings and the wide open spaces that met us once we arrived. IMG_5713Of course, any day where you can spend a ridiculous amount of time taking jumping photos is a success.  

Mitch’s Monday Happy Hour – March 16

Happy Monday everyone! Oh wait a second . . . . . . . . it’s Thursday.  Yikes!!!!!  I’m sure most of you are struggling through your week at work, as you have anxiously been waiting for our weekly Happy Hour post this week.  To you . . . . . I apologize.  Updating a blog can be a daunting task sometimes.  Even though we write short posts that only take about 2 minutes to read through, sometimes it takes over an hour to type up.  Finding free time to blog can be tricky, however we are going to try and keep posting 3 times a week (fingers crossed)!

We ended our week of work last Thursday as we usually do . . . .  with friends, on a patio, having dinner!  This week we decided on a place called Attila Mongolian Grill located on the coast, with amazing views of the sea.  The restaurant is a part of a new complex of over 25 restaurants called Miral.  It was a super nice place with so many different options to choose from.  We had a super good meal and will definitely be back again.




When we returned from our trip to Egypt a couple of weeks ago, we got home super late the night before work.  We basically tossed our luggage on the floor, went to bed, then straight to work the next morning.  Our maid Lily came the next day and went completely above-and-beyond her duties . . . . . and emptied our bags for us!  Not only did she unpack our bags, but she washed all of our dirty clothes and even put them away for us.  We got home from work that day, still exhausted, and knew we had a big task ahead of us to put all of our crap away.  We were so surprised to come home to a spotless apartment.  We knew we wanted to “thank her” for her hard work, so we left her a little bonus money last week.  She left us this cute little ‘thank you’ note that ended with, “me so happy!”  It made us feel good, that we gave her such a small amount of money, but that she was so happy with it.


I was driving through a neighborhood the other day, when a certain vehicle caught my eye.  I did a double take . . . . . and notice a University of Minnesota Gophers sticker in the back window.  For a moment, it made me feel like we were back home in Minnesota, then I chuckled that there was another Gophers fan in Kuwait.  Ironically, I’m watching the Gophers hockey game against Ohio State University as I type this 🙂


The Gophers sticker wasn’t the only Minnesota connection I experienced this week.  We we were walking around downtown Kuwait City when I noticed an Arabic guy wearing a Jason Kubel Minnesota Twins jersey!  I chuckled to myself, and wondered if he even knew who the Twins were or who Jason Kubel was.  I wanted to try and get a picture with him, but unfortunately it just didn’t work out.

Last weekend we also went out and supported our school’s varsity basketball teams at their conference tournament.  They had a great weekend, but unfortunately lost in the semifinals to one of our rivals.  Teams from all over the Middle East participated including, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, and Kuwait.  While the players and spectators were from all over the world, it definitely felt like we were back in the States at a typical high school basketball tournament.  We had a ton of fun!

A group of 7 of us went to one of the games together last Friday.  In the car on the way to the game, I mentioned that I hoped that they had a concession stand there.  Everyone thought I was crazy, when I said that I was craving a “Taco in a Bag.”  (or also known as a “Walking Taco.”  Half of our friends hadn’t even heard of one before, so I had to explain how freaking delicious they were.  If you’ve never heard of one either, here’s what it is:

  • Start with a small bag of Nacho Cheese Doritos.  You smash them up into bite size pieces, then open the bag.
  • Next you add whatever ingredients you would like.  I typical add, taco meat, lettuce, cheese, sour cream, olives, and salsa.

Even I knew that it was a long shot of a request, but I’ve been craving them lately so I was keeping my fingers crossed.

Between games I found my way to the concession stand that was being operated as a fundraiser by the host school’s National Honor Society.  I almost crapped my pants when I noticed the last item on the menu board . . . . . Taco in a Bag!!!! It was fucking delicious and just what I needed to satisfy my craving!


The inside view of my Taco in a Bag:


Well folks, that’s all for now.  We hope to see you next Monday for our weekly happy hour, or maybe Thursday again 😉

Mutlah Ridge

A few weeks ago, we took a little adventure to Mutlah Ridge, the highest point in Kuwait. It was about an hour drive from our house, towards the Iraqi border.  Finding the exact location was a bit tricky, because it’s basically located in the middle of the desert.


Part of the adventure was the drive out there!  We were exploring a new part of Kuwait that we haven’t discovered yet.  One of the best parts were the guys on the side of the freeway selling HUGE fireworks out of the trunk of their car!  We didn’t buy any (this time) but we will be making another visit out there soon.

Once we got out there, we started driving through the desert, in search for a nice little view point.  We found a ridge with an excellent view of the desert, the Persian Gulf, and Kuwait City in the background.  We just kind of chilled out, took some pictures, walked around, and enjoyed our time being surrounded by nature.  It was nice to get out of the city and leave behind the hustle & bustle, the honking, congestion, etc. of city life.


Rachel and Ethan enjoying the view.  It was nothing but sand and boulders for as far as you could see.


From our viewpoint, we watched a bunch of people in their 4×4’s dune bashing through the desert sand.  From old 4×4 jeeps, to brand new Range Rovers, we saw a wide variety of vehicles out there.  Occasionally one would get stuck, but quickly others would speed over and help pull them out.  There was even people ripping around on 4-wheelers and dirt bikes!


Ethan decided to do a little rock climbing out there.


After a couple of hours chilling out, we decided to take off and head back towards the city.  However as we were leaving the desert, we saw a guy on the side of the road who was renting 4-wheelers.  We all agreed, that this was going to be a great idea . . . . so we stopped!  After a bit of negotiating . . . . . . we were ripping around the desert on a bunch of Polaris (shout out to Roseau, Minnesota!) 4-wheelers through the desert.  We had them for an hour, and had a ton of fun!  Here are a few pics of our riding:

Mike and I getting ready to cruise up the sand dunes!


Ethan picked the 4-wheeler with the cool “cross bones” flag on the back.  Unfortunately, it was the wimpiest one!


Rachel was having a blast!  They guy we rented them from tried to give her a smaller “safer” model because she was a girl, but little did he know . . . . she grew up in the woods and probably had more experience than us other three guys combined!


Out in the desert where we were riding, they were working on a new oil pipeline.  It was pretty crazy to see how big the pipe was.


The views at Mutlah Ridge can change every couple of days.  Anytime there is a strong breeze, the sand moves around and creates new ridges/dunes.


There was a bunch of other people out there enjoying their afternoons too.  A lot of families would spend the day have a picnic, grill out, then ride their 4-wheelers and buggies around.  Kids who looked as young as 4 years old were out ripping around by themselves, without even a helmet!


I was able to climb up this hill with my 4-wheeler, but if you look closely in the middle of the picture, Ethan’s got stuck and couldn’t make it up!


When we were done riding, we started heading back towards Kuwait City.  As we were heading down the highway, we ran into this mini little “4-wheeler gang” who were riding wheelies about 50 mph!


We had an awesome day out in the desert with friends!  Since we have been in Kuwait, I think we have done an excellent job of constantly searching for new and exciting things to do.  Our weekends are filled with adventures as we create memories with friends we’ll have forever!


Sneak Peek: Pic from Egypt

Today we received a message from one of our most loyal fans, from New Brunswick, Canada asking, “where are the pics from Egypt?”  We have been super busy this week, and just finally got them downloaded from our camera to our computer this weekend.  We are still in the process of finishing up some blog posts to share a few stories from our trip, but in the meantime I thought I would give everyone a little sneak peak of whats to come . . . . .

The pyramids were incredible, huge, and an engineering feat that I will never understand.  Here is a group pic with our friends Adam & Lauren, in front of a few of the pyramids.


The Pyramids were HUGE! Take a look at the cars in the background to get an idea of their size.


We also visited the Great Sphinx during our trip.  Again . . . . . . . . super cool!


These ruins are about 4,500 years old!


This little punk ass camel caused a LOT of drama during our ride through the desert!  There was swearing, people flying off camels, bruising, yelling, pleading, whips, and blood.  Everyone survived, so we can laugh about it now!  I think you will enjoy this story . . . . . coming soon!


We called this camel “Angry Arnold” and he was a jerk.

The last pic of this special edition: Sneak Peek, is probably the most memorable story from our trip to Egypt, and one that I will never forget.  It was taken from the backseat of a luxury car, as we were rushed across the runway at the Cairo Airport, to board our plane back to Kuwait.  You will never believe what led to this ride!!!!


We should have been on that bus with all of the other passengers, but instead . . . . we were in the backseat of a luxury car!


I apologize for all of the “cliffhangers” I’ve provided you!  Hopefully this week, we will have some time to fill you in on all of the details from these pictures, as well as more photos.  Until then . . . . . I ‘Might As Well’ go to bed now.

Good night New Brunswick!!!   🙂




My 1st Round of Golf at Sahara Golf Resort

Last summer before we moved to Kuwait, we had the daunting task of deciding what we were going to bring with us.  One of the most important things to me, was my golf clubs!  I knew we were going to have a ton of free time here, so I thought it would be a great time to perfect my golf game.  I figured I could golf here all winter, then when I returned to Minnesota in the summer, my golf game would be so awesome that I could beat all of my buddies!

Last September I checked out the best course in Kuwait, called Sahara Golf Resort.  It was absolutely beautiful, and without a doubt, the nicest and fanciest golf course I’ve ever seen!  The membership prices were ridiculous, but the course is open to the public, so I decided to just pay the green fee when I was able to get a round in.  At that time, it was sooooo hot outside, that I decided to wait until winter for it to cool down a bit.

A couple of weeks ago we had a day off during the week, so a friend and I decided to go try out the course for the first time.  If you golf during the week, it is 35 KD ($120 USD) but if you go on the weekends it is 50 KD ($170 USD).  The fee was for 18 holes, a golf cart, and unlimited use of their practice facilities.  We made the most of our day and went early, so we could hit enough balls, to shake off the rust that has accumulated over the last few months.


The 18th green, with the Clubhouse in the background.


The course was absolutely incredible!  The facilities seemed brand new, the service was great, and when you were on the course, it hardly seemed like you were even in Kuwait!  The only downside to the course that day, was how brown the grass was.  Apparently whatever kind of grass they use, goes dormant during the winter months.  The Golf Pro there said that by the end of March, the grass will be back to the lush green grass I saw when I was there in September.



The cool thing about this course, is that the entire thing is covered in lights!  Since it can get so hot here during the summer months, nobody wants to be outside golfing.  Therefore they installed stadium lights on every single hole, so you can go golfing at 10pm if you wanted to!  Also, about 8 holes of the golf course are located within the infield of the local horse racing track.  During our round of golf, I heard a thump, thump, thump, thump, and looked up to see a couple of horses taking some practice laps.  The horses were huge!


If you look closely in the middle of the picture, in the background, you can see one of the race horses practicing.


We enjoyed a great day out and a fun round of golf.  I did notice that my golf game is substantially better in Kuwait rather than Minnnesota.  I think it’s because there isn’t booze here to throw my game off!  It is pretty expensive to golf at this course every weekend, but I’m hopeful to get a few more rounds in before we leave in June for the summer.  Once it starts heating up here, I’m definitely going back to try a round of golf under the lights!  For more info on the Sahara Golf Resort, you can visit their website HERE.


Check out all of the stadium lights surrounding the hole!



Bowling Night with Friends

When we moved into our apartment here in Kuwait last August, we were excited that there was a bowling alley just down the street.  However we’ve been here for 6 months now, and still haven’t been there!  So the other night, when a few of us were just lounging around and looking for something to do, I announced, “let’s go bowling!”  There was 8 of us, who made the stroll down the street, for a fun night out.


It was all smiles, until the game started.

We decided to split the group into two teams: The Oldies vs. The Youngsters.  I was on the “old” (I prefer more mature and wiser) team and Rachel was on The Youngsters.  We decided that the losing team had to buy the winning team a schwarma from our favorite food stand.  The match was on!


Ethan with his famous “double fist pump” after a STRIKE!

The competition was fierce!  All friendships and relationships were tossed out the window.  After all, a free schwarma was on the line!


Adam was super focused, and led the Oldies to 2 victories!

I’m proud to announce that The Oldies won!  We decided to play a second game, and this time a cheese fatayer was on the line.


Group Shot

And . . . .  The Oldies won that game too!  We haven’t cashed in our winnings yet, but we will soon.  It is kind of a bummer that Rachel and I were on separate teams though, because basically I’m buying my own schwarma and cheese fatayer.  I guess I get bragging rights though!


Of course the best part about bowling is the awesome shoes!

It was a spontaneous night out, and we had a ton of fun.  We shared a bunch of laughs and enjoyed some friendly competition.  Sometimes it seems like the best nights out, are the ones that are unplanned.  We love nights like these!


Golfing at the Sand Course

A few weeks ago, I was talking to a guy who was telling me about a sand golf course here in Kuwait.  I had never heard of a sand course before, but it was described to me as, “a golf course without grass.”  Say what!?!?!?!?!  He went on to tell me that they give you a little piece of grass that you carry around with you.  Before each swing, you put your ball on your chunk of grass, and swing away.


Here is what the tee box looked like at each hole.  They each had a little black rubber mat, that you could jam a golf tee into to set up your shot.  It was super weird hitting on an elevated platform, where your shoes would stick to the mat, and you were constantly worried that if you duffed your shot, you would snap your driver in half!


Here’s my buddy Adam teeing off at one of the holes.


Here is Adam with a shot in the middle of the fairway, no it’s not a sand trap!  You can see the little chunk of grass that we used to hit the ball.


At this course, you definitely wanted to play down the middle of the fairway.  The “rough” was like nothing I’ve ever seen before.  I was constantly looking for snakes, scorpions, and whatever else lived in there!


Another shot of the rough.


Here is a picture of Adam’s approach shot at one of the holes.  You will notice that the “green” is even sand.  The greens (or perhaps I should call them browns) were a bit more firm than the rest of the course.  It seems like they sprayed oil or something on them to keep them packed and somewhat smooth.


Trying to make a putt at this course was nearly impossible.  The greens were so bumpy, and you were hitting through sand and rocks.


You can get a good luck at the greens in this picture.  Check out all of the footprints!  Apparently they go out every morning with a broom and sweep them, to try and smooth them out a bit.


I got pretty excited that I was this close to sinking a decent putt, based on the conditions, but of course . . . . . . I came up short!


Here is a view looking back towards the tee box at one of the holes.  Everything was so brown and dead!  At times, it seemed like we were on another planet, like Mars!


Here is one of the sand traps at the “sand” course!  They were so deep, that you could barely see the green if you were trying to hit out of them. The entire thing was coated in concrete too, so you had to be super careful, especially if you would skull one.  Next thing you know, you would end up taking one between the eyes.


I don’t know what the heck these things are, but they were all over the golf course.  They seemed like they were some sort of vent or something, from an old oil well.  They were making a slight humming sound.


This is my golf ball at the end of my round.  Before I started, it was brand new!  When your ball is skipping through the sand and bouncing off rocks, it endures quite the beating.  It was completely messed up!


Wow, what an experience we had!  It was a ton of fun and it will definitely make for some fun stories to tell our friends and families about next summer.  It was about $7 for 9 holes.  While it was fun to get out and hit some golf balls, I highly doubt I will be back here again.  It was a cool experience, but I would hardly call it “golf.”  It was more like a round of “desert ball!”

Say What’s Up on WhatsApp!

Like many people around the world . . . . . I would be lost without my iPhone!  It goes with me everywhere!  To work, out to dinner, for a walk down the beach, and even into the bathroom. (admit it people, we all do it!!!)

I like the iPhone, because it is literally like a Swiss Army Knife.  It has so many tools, that I use all of the time.  It is especially helpful when you move to a new country like Kuwait, because you find yourself using it for much more than just making phone calls and sending text messages.  I find myself using it for things like capturing pictures of something crazy I see on the side of the road, or converting the price of an object from Kuwaiti Dinar to American Dollars, calling our family back home on FaceTime, converting the daily temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit, and even using the GPS on the map app to find your way around.

However my favorite thing about my iPhone is the app called WhatsApp! It is an app that allows you to send text messages to anyone around the world for free!  You can use it if you are connected to wifi or off your data plan.  You can send pictures, send group messages, and now you can even send voice recorded messages.

It is free to download, and you can find it in the App Store.  Just search “WhatsApp Messenger.”  Here’s what the icon looks like:


Once you have it downloaded, your contact list is based off of the contacts you already have in your phone. You just have to add the Country Code to it. Here is the list of International Country Codes.  In the U.S. it is +1 and in Kuwait it is +965.

Download it today and send us an email at and we will send you our Kuwaiti cell phone numbers.  Then we will be able to send text messages back and forth for free!  I figure it is probably best if you email us, rather than posting our phone numbers on here for the entire world to see!

The only downside to WhatsApp is that you have to be sure to put your phone on silent every night.  Otherwise when your buddies are watching the big football game in the U.S. and start trash talking you over text messages, it doesn’t wake you up at 3am because of the time change!

Don’t forget . . . .  send us an email at so we can connect on WhatsApp!

Mitch’s Monday Happy Hour – January 19

Greetings all,

It is literally freezing in Kuwait right now! I woke up the other morning and it was 2 degrees Celsius outside (36 Fahrenheit). As we walked to the car for work, we could see our own breath. I kept asking myself, “don’t we live in the desert?” Ok, rant over! I’m sure I’ll be complaining about how hot it is in a couple of months!




  • We had a great weekend, and it all kicked off on Thursday night with our first “Family Dinner.”  Rachel and I hosted dinner at our place for 11 of our close friends. We made spaghetti and everyone else brought a dish to share. The food was great, and the company was even better!  To make room for everyone, we moved all of our furniture out of the living room. We then borrowed two of our friends dinning room tables, and carried them to our place. The next thing you know, we had a total of 3 dinning room tables in a row, with room for 12! It reminded me of a holiday dinner with family, or perhaps the first Thanksgiving. If you wanted the chocolate cake and it was at the other end of the table, you had to holler down and wait 5 minutes before it made it to you. Then you just crossed your fingers that there was some left by the time it got to you. Luckily for me, I was able to dominate 2 pieces of the BEST chocolate cake I’ve ever had that night!

Our Kuwaiti Family!


  • On Friday night, a group of us went to a fundraiser for the Kuwaiti Gaelic Football team. A couple of our friends play on the women’s team.  The event featured a nice dinner, and some entertainment that lasted late into the night. We had a blast, and had a ton of fun out on the town with friends.

Supporting the Kuwait Harps.


  • This week we also found a great walking trail in Kuwait City.  We ended up down by the Kuwait Towers, and walked along the beach for a couple of hours. There is some very nice park areas down there, and tons of families were out having picnics.  We also saw a lot of soccer and basketball games, rollerbladers, bikers, joggers, etc. It was a nice paved path, and it felt just like we were taking a walk around Lake Calhoun back in Minneapolis.


  • Check this out . . . .  Rachel had to pick up a few things at the mall over the weekend so I did what I usually do . . . . wandered aimlessly until she was done.  During my daydream, I stumbled across a new scent of perfume that I have never seen before. The scent is TOBACCO!!!  To the ladies in my life . . . you may be getting some for Christmas next year!

Awesome . . . Tobacco scented perfume!


We hope all is well, we’ll see you next week!



Mitch’s Monday Happy Hour – January 5

Greetings everyone, and Happy New Year!  Welcome back to our weekly Happy Hour.  I apologize to everyone for missing last week’s Happy Hour (Sorry Mrs. P!) but as the great Zac Brown Band once said, “I had my toes in the water, ass in the sand, not a worry in the world, and a cold beer in hand!”  (if you don’t know the song, check it out here) But I’m back now!

We made it home to Kuwait on Saturday, so this week’s Happy Hour is taking place in the confines of our living room while sipping on water! (boooo, no more booze!)  I’m still bummed that we can’t have booze in Kuwait, however I can still hear my liver cheering as he slowly recovers from my 17 day bender while on vacation.  Here’s the recap of our lives:


My first taste of water in 17 days, trying to cleanse my body from all of the beer and rum in my system.

  • Our vacation was absolutely fantastic!  We had a ton of fun exploring around Sri Lanka and enjoying some chill days at the beach too.  It was the longest vacation I had ever been on, yet it was still difficult to come home.  We were having so much fun, that I just didn’t want it to end.  We made it back late Saturday night, and had the day off on Sunday to start the long process of laundry, unpacking, grocery shopping, and all of that other fun stuff!  We have so many awesome pictures and stories to share with everyone, so we are going to try to post some over the next couple of weeks.
  • When I woke up on Sunday morning, I headed straight to the kitchen in search of some food for breakfast. Unfortunately all I could find though was chips & salsa, a box of teddy grahams, and a bag of croutons.  I contemplated throwing together a quick hot dish, when our good friend sent us a text message and invited us over for breakfast!  I was so pumped that I practically sprinted to her house, and was greeted with scrambled eggs, breakfast potatoes, coffee and juice.  It was so good, however the best part was the company! We were once again reunited with our friends, and couldn’t wait to hear about everyone’s trips.  There were 7 of us total, who had just returned from our vacations to Sri Lanka, Japan, Morocco, Thailand, Maldives, and Minnesota!  It was a blast hearing about everyone’s travel experiences and reconnecting with our “Kuwaiti family!”
  • Upon our return to Kuwait, it was a bit like Christmas morning for Rachel.  One of our buddies who went home for the holidays, brought all kinds of stuff back for her.  She has been cruising Amazon & the last couple of months, buying a bunch of hair products that she can’t find here.  She had them shipped to his house, and he was so kind to toss them in his luggage and bring them back for her.  You know you’re getting old when you get excited for shampoo, conditioner, and hair spray for Christmas!
  • During breakfast today I was cruising through the news feed on my Facebook page, when I read some awesome news.  One of my former employees, who worked during the summers for me for a few years, posted that he was leaving Minnesota this week and moving to Spain for the next 5 months. I think my face literally lit up, I fist pumped a few times, and felt a small sense of pride.  Last summer when I informed my job that I was leaving and moving overseas, he was super intrigued about the idea and mentioned that he had a desire to maybe try something like that one day. I tried to encourage him as much possible, but lost contact with him until I saw his Facebook post. I know he reads our blog, so when you see this bud, I’m proud of you!  Your upcoming adventure is something you will never regret, and cherish for the rest of your life!

Cheers for now, we’ll catch ya next week!