Month: September 2015

Doctoring in Kuwait

This summer when we were home, we had lots of questions about our life in Kuwait, and Mitch addressed answering quite a few of them back here in this post. One question that came up quite a bit while we were home was, “what is the medical care like in Kuwait?”   I thought I would take a few minutes to dig a bit deeper into that topic and discuss what my doctoring experience has been like through my pregnancy here in Kuwait.

Kuwait has a socialized medical program, meaning that all citizens and residents of Kuwait have health insurance coverage at the government run hospitals.  These hospitals leave quite a bit to be desired in terms of facilities.  The hospitals are a bit older, the waits are long, and the doctors seem completely swamped with patients.  The government hospitals make American hospitals seem like a vacation at a Sandals Resort.

Our school however also provides us with private health insurance, meaning that we can go to the government hospitals, but we are also covered to go to private hospitals.  Thus, we decided to attend the Royale Hayat to complete my pre-natal care and the delivery of our baby. The Royale Hayat  is the complete opposite of any government hospital.  The Royale Hayat is truly a luxury hospital like nothing I have ever seen!

When we walk into the front door of the hospital lobby, there is always a woman who welcomes us with calm music that she is playing on either a harp or a flute.  There is always at least 6 bell boys by the entrance opening the car doors of patients, as the valet drivers whisk away the car to the parking ramp.  There are always a few more standing in the reception area waiting to carry any bags for us, as another woman stands next to the elevator ready to push the elevator button for us.  The Royale Hayat is more luxurious than any hotel I have ever walked into and truly seems nothing like a hospital.  The facilities and customer service are simply spectacular!


Main Lobby of the hospital.


Bell Boy carts just waiting for the day when we show up with our luggage.

Not only are the facilities great but our doctor is great as well.  We chose a doctor based on some very glowing recommendations from friends who had given birth at the Royale Hayat.  Our doctor is a Kuwaiti woman who was medically trained in the United States, and is both U.S. and Canadian Board Certified.  She is thorough, efficient, and doesn’t sugar coat anything.  She answers all of my questions and quiets my worried first time Mommy brain.  She has earned my trust and I have full confidence that she is going to do everything in her power to help me have the delivery experience that I am hoping for.


Even the ambulances are luxurious, a Mercedes!

We did do some doctoring when we were home this summer, and I noticed a few distinct differences in doctoring in Kuwait vs doctoring in Minnesota:

  •  In Kuwait we have an ultrasound at every appointment we walk into.  We became very used to seeing our little guy on a regular basis! The doctor measures the baby’s head, checks in on his organs, monitors his heartbeat, and takes a good, long, hard look at our little one.  When we went to doctor appointments in the U.S. the doctor measured my belly with a tape measure, and listened to his heart beat.  Needless to say, it felt quite a bit less exciting to go to our American appointments without an ultrasound each time!
  • In Kuwait, it is quite uncommon to see Dad’s going to doctor appointments with the Mom’s to be.  Often times Mitch and I are sitting in the waiting room where he is the only father present, with a dozen pregnant women sitting around waiting for the doctor.  I have to make a special request at each appointment for Mitch to be allowed to come back into the exam room with me.  In the U.S.  we saw numerous Dad’s at the appointments.
  • In Kuwait our doctor is a conservative, covered, Muslim woman.  She almost always speaks exclusively to me.  She does not engage in conversation with Mitch unless it is completely necessary.  If he has a question, I am kind of like the translator between him and the doctor.  In our experiences, it is quite rare for a Muslim person to engage in conversation with someone of the opposite sex, unless they are a member of their family or it’s necessary for doing business.  At our doctor’s appointments in the U.S. the doctor got Mitch very involved during the appointment.  She would call him over to the exam table and have him feel the position that the baby was in, and even taught him a few things he can do to help relieve any back pain I would experience.
  • In Kuwait, we pay nothing for our medical coverage or medications.  In the U.S. we had to pay for everything, our international health insurance plan only covers  emergency care when we are back in the United States, however; even if I was still living and working in the U.S.  I would have had a co-pay at each visit, plus be paying 20% out of pocket to have a baby.

Woah…if you have made it this far in this lengthly post pat yourself on the back.  If you still have questions about our doctoring experience, we also received these questions last summer:

Are you scared to have a baby in Kuwait? 

Ummm, yes!  But not for the reason you are thinking.  I am completely confident in having our child in Kuwait.  I trust our doctor and all of the other medical personnel, but having a baby when I have never done this before is scary, and I would be scared if I was giving birth in the United States, Bangledesh, Noway, Kenya, Japan or Kuwait.

Was your pregnancy planned?

This was quite a personal question that we received more times than I felt comfortable with, but I will answer it.  Mitch and I have always known we wanted to be parents.  We did however feel like we had to arrive in Kuwait and see what the medical care was like prior to making the decision that we were going to try and have a baby.  Once we got to Kuwait, we realized that I would have significantly better maternity leave here in Kuwait, than I would in the U.S. When we realized that the medical care is fantastic, we knew it was the perfect time to start our family. So yes, it was a planned pregnancy.

You are so brave! Aren’t you scared your baby is going to die because you are having him in the Middle East?

Seriously, who asks this question of a pregnant lady???  I sure hope not!   Also, I would like to point out that Jesus was born in the Middle East and he turned out to be a pretty decent guy!  😉

Only a couple of weeks left until we get to lay our hands on our little guy for the first time.  We are beyond excited and happy that our medical experience during this pregnancy has been so wonderful!

Mitch’s Monday Happy Hour – September 28

Hey folks, welcome to another week of Mitch’s Monday Happy Hour!  After 10 days off for the Eid Holiday, today was our first day back to work.  It was a bit difficult to wake up to an alarm clock, but we made it!  It was great to be back to school and hear all of the stories from our friends who traveled around the world, as well as see all of the kiddos!

Here’s what’s up this week:

  • Rachel and I love reality TV!  As much as I hate to admit it publicly, one of our favorite shows is Survivor.  Most of you are probably thinking, “What?!? They still make that show?!?”  Yes, yes they do.  Survivor first aired in 2000, and is currently on season #31.  We are “closet fans” meaning that we don’t openly admit it to people we first meet, for fear of embarrassment.  However when we moved here last year, we met another couple that were just as big of fans as us!  We were so excited to receive a piece of tree mail from them last week, inviting us to a Survivor Premiere Party!

    Upon our arrival, we were greeted by other fanatics, and no longer felt like we had to hide our enthusiasm for the show.  One of the party goers even admitted to writing a huge essay in college, regarding the gender roles on the show!  We all demanded a reading next week prior to the new episode.  The party was excellent, we each had our own torches, we wore buffs, and of course there were themed snacks!  At the end of the episode, we held a little “draft” to pick who we think is going to win this season.  It will be fun to meet up weekly with our group to watch each new episode, and to see who’s going to win!


The 2015 Survivor Crew

  • Baby J is scheduled to join our family at any moment now.  Lately I’ve been busy trying to read as many parenting/baby books as possible, almost as if I were studying for the most important exam in my life!  Some are helpful, some are gruesome, some crazy, but I finally found one that is absolutely hilarious!  My favorite one so far is called, My Boys Can Swim by Ian Davis!  I would literally “laugh out loud” while reading it.  It’s only about 90 pages long, but the author does an excellent job of presenting important information through humor.  I highly recommend it for any soon-to-be dads out there!
My Boys Can Swim

Thanks for the picture

  • I was reading the online edition of the local newspaper, The Kuwait Times, and stumbled across an article that made me chuckle a bit.
Kuwait Times

I haven’t had to dig any holes yet since we’ve lived here, and after reading this story, I don’t think I will be anytime soon!

  • Back in the United States, we always here the name: John Doe.  He’s a mysterious guy that nobody has ever met, yet we all feel like we know him!  It’s the name that the police use when they have an unidentified suspect, the name people use when they don’t want to reveal their true identity, and it’s the name that credit card companies use for promotional cards.  Last weekend I found out that the John Doe of Kuwait is named Abdullah Ahmed.
John Doe
  • While I was driving the other day, I noticed a goofy piece of equipment.  I took a closer look and realized that it was a “cab less” loader.  I’ve logged plenty of hours operating a loader that you think I should be able to easily identify one, but I thought this one looked so goofy without a cab or even a roll cage!
Front End Loader
  • Rachel and Baby J are doing great!  Rachel is officially 38 weeks pregnant, and I feel like he could come any day now.  He’s an active lil’ guy and is still gaining weight each week.  The doctor said he seems happy and content inside Rachel’s tummy, and that he isn’t showing signs of leaving anytime soon.  Rachel is doing a phenomenal job of keeping him cozy, as we patiently await his arrival!!!

How to Pack When You’re Moving Overseas

We have officially done the big trek from Minnesota to Kuwait two summers in a row.  Last summer we needed to move all the necessities that Mitch and I needed, and this summer we moved all the necessities that Baby J is going to need.  Since the apartment we moved into was fully furnished, we were able to move with just the luggage we brought with us on the airplane. All of our other belongings were either stored or sold before we left.  We did quite a bit of brainstorming about the best way to get our things to the other side of the world and landed on using the same system two summers in a row, and it worked fantastically!

Last summer we moved to Kuwait with 6 checked bags and 2 carry ons.  We only owned our carry on backpacks (that we love!), and one large suitcase a piece.  That left us thinking, we need to purchase another 4 large suitcases!  That idea seemed crazy, when else would we ever need that many suitcases? And the cost of purchasing them was just too much for us to swallow.  Enter in the perfect solution: Home Depot storage totes!

We were able to purchase these HDX 27-gallon storage totes for $8.99 a piece, and they are the exact maximum measurements that our airline would allow.  Not only was the price right on these totes, but they also have locking lids, hold a ton of stuff, and are super heavy duty!


Now those of you who know Mitch, know that he is Captain Safety and would definitely not just throw our belongings into a tote without securing them.  One of the benefits of these totes, is that they have holes around the edges, so that you can lock the lid on with a zip tie.


Mitch did some research to verify that TSA allows passengers to secure their luggage with zip ties.  However, if they have to inspect them, they could and would just cut them off.  So just in case, Mitch taped this note with extra zip ties to the inside lid of each tote, so that the TSA Agent would re-secure our tote, before sending it on its way:


So far we have crossed the Atlantic twice using this packing method and all of our totes and belongings have made it safe and sound to our desert home, without TSA cutting any of our zip ties off of our luggage.

packing Another benefit of traveling with plastic totes: we can use them here in Kuwait to store Baby J’s clothes that he won’t be able to fit into for quite a while, or other junk that we don’t use often.  The totes stack up nicely and store easily.


If you are interested in purchasing the same totes that we’ve used, you can find them at any Home Depot store or online here.

Boat Tour in Portugal


The group heading out to sea.

While we were in Portugal last summer, we mostly sat on the beach with our friends, looking at the ocean, and soaking up the sun.  One day though we hopped into our rental cars and drove a half hour to the coastal town of Faro.  Once we got there, we walked up and down the boardwalk and saw what tour options there were for tourists.  IMG_7114After reviewing our options, we decided to take a boat tour of the caves in the surrounding area! Our friend Niamh’s cousins were coincidentally in Portugal at the same time we were, so we were able to fill the entire boat with just our group.   As we headed out of the Marina the blue skies and jutting cliffs were just what we were hoping to see.  The pictures just don’t quite do this natural phenomena justice.


Private beaches along the coast.


Niamh and Lauren showing off their cute life jackets!


Mitch looking super serious on the boat ride.



Mitch & Adam, the day after the Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup.

Mitch’s Monday Happy Hour – September 21

Greetings Everyone!

Welcome back to another edition of “Mitch’s Monday Happy Hour!”  If we were together and meeting for happy hour this week, here’s what I’d have to share:

  • This week I bit the bullet and purchased NFL Game Pass, so that I could keep up with my favorite team, the Minnesota Vikings.  I splurged and purchased the “Season Plus” package for $199.99 (USD).  It includes all of the 2015 pre-season, regular season, playoff games, and Super Bowl 50!  It also includes archived games dating back to 2009, NFL Redzone Channel, Coaches Film, and the NFL Network channel until August 1, 2016.  Overseas, you have the option to watch games live or replayed in either full version or the condensed version.  It is incredible!!!  I spent a majority of the weekend sucking up as much NFL coverage as my brain could handle.  I can watch the games on any mobile device, but best of all . . .  I can watch it through our Apple TV too.  It is going to be so awesome to keep up with the NFL this year!
NFL Game Pass

One of the coolest things about NFL Game Pass is that I can watch 2 different games at the same time: 1 on my laptop and 1 on my Apple TV!

  • Today we were at the hospital for a doctor’s appointment.  We were sitting in the waiting room when I noticed today’s copy of the local newspaper.  There was an Arabic edition and an English edition.  I chuckled to myself when I turned to the Sports section noticed the heading below.  We’re nearly 10,000 miles away from America, in a country where few people know the game of baseball, yet the St. Louis Cardinals clinching a playoff berth is big news in Kuwait!
Arab Times

Sports section of today’s Arab Times.

  • So far, we are having a great Eid Vacation!  We are in day 4 of 10 and it has been everything we’ve hoped for.  We’ve wrapped up a few loose ends for Baby J, so I think we are officially 100% ready!  We’ve spent a lot of time at the Hilton, did some work around our apartment, a little bit of shopping, and just chilling out and relaxing.  It’s been an incredible few days, and I look forward to the next week off too!
  • Last week, my parents officially booked their flights from America to Thailand for our Christmas Holiday.  My parents will be meeting up with us for about two weeks.  We are so excited to be spending the holidays with them and for them to meet their first grandchild!  Now that their flights are booked, Rachel and I have been busy trying to finalize our plans and accommodations for the trip.  We are going to be spending lots of time at the beaches in southern Thailand, but it is so hard to pick which one to go to!  We’ve been doing a lot of reading and research and I think we have narrowed down.  One of my favorite parts about vacationing is the planning stages.  You learn so much about countries, and it’s fun to try and line up all of the logistics.
  • Baby J is doing great!  We had another doctor’s appointment today to check up on the little fella, and the doctor said he is looking perfect (must take after his parents!).  Rachel is at 37 weeks and they are estimating that he weighs about 7.5 pounds (3.4 kg).  The good news is that the size of his body has caught up to the size of his head, so hopefully we won’t have to worry about having a bobble head baby (inshallah).  Today the doctor also said that he looks like me, and has my lips . . . . WHAT!!!  I don’t know how she can tell these things, but again . . . . . I’m assuming it was a compliment?!?

That’s all for this week folks.  Wherever you are reading this I hope you are well, safe, and happy!

Eid Vacation Plans – 2015

Around this time a year ago, we were busy making plans for our Eid Vacation to Dubai and Abu Dhabi.  We shared our plans with you in a post entitled: Eid Vacation Plans.  Today is the first day of our Eid Vacation, and our vacation is a little different than last year.  This year we are enjoying our 10 days off, staying put in Kuwait for what we are calling our: “stay-cation.”

Since our little guy is scheduled to arrive in about three weeks we knew traveling was out of the question for this break.  I have to admit, I was a bit jealous when our friends all piled into our car this morning for Mitch to drop them off at the airport.  A group of them are headed off to the Greek Islands for an awesome beach vacation.  However, in actuality I am kind of looking forward to some quiet time at home to read books and catch up on my Netflix que!

Beyond relaxing and making sure to take some mid-day naps, our plans involve spending lots of time at the Hilton.  We also hope to spend lots of time in the air conditioned malls, to walk some laps so that this little baby spins around the right direction to prepare for his exit!

While our travel plans for Eid this year are not nearly as exciting as our Dubai and Abu Dhabi trip last year, the amount of excitement in hearts for our baby to arrive far exceeds any trip we could possibly be taking!

Hilton Membership

One change we decided to make in our lives this school year was to get a membership at the Hilton Resort.  The Hilton is a super fancy hotel, very close to our apartment, that offers an option for people to purchase a membership to use their facilities.  Our membership includes access to an incredible spa, multiple pools, private white sand beach, paved walking paths, a gym, tennis courts, and even fitness classes!

Hilton pool

The main pool at the Hilton.

We decided not to purchase a membership last year because we wanted to get out and do some exploring around Kuwait.  However with a baby on the way in a few weeks, we knew this would be the perfect place to do some relaxing.  We also wanted to have a nice outdoor space that we could spend time at, that was close to home, for those days when we need to get out of our apartment.

Hilton beach

Looking out towards the beach from one of the garden areas.

So far this week we have been to the Hilton 3 times to work out, relax in the Spa, and float in the pool.  It seems like every time we are walking to the car to leave I say to Mitch, “I am so happy we have this membership!”

hilton spa

The Hilton Spa….otherwise known as a pregnant ladies dream come true

We are not going away for our fall break this year, as it will be too close to my due date, so we planning on spending A LOT of time at the Hilton enjoying our own little “staycation.”  Our “staycation” will not only involve a lot of time at the pool and the spa, but I think it will also include a Mother-To-Be massage for me!

Mitch’s Monday Happy Hour – September 14


Welcome back to our first edition of Mitch’s Monday Happy Hour of the new school year!  It’s a way for me to share news, stories, or just fun tidbits of what we have going on in our lives.  The kinds of things we would discuss if we were meeting with our friends and family back home for a happy hour to enjoy a cold beer or glass wine.  So let’s get started . . . . . . .

  • It has definitely been hard getting re-acclimated to the weather these last couple of weeks.  It has been super humid since we’ve been back, which has made the weather almost unbearable somedays.  The highs have been around 112-118 degrees Fahrenheit.  However the other day, with the humidity, the heat index was 133 degrees Fahrenheit!  Needless to say, we spend a lot of time in the A/C when it gets that hot.  Earlier this week I stopped over at our mechanic’s house and had him top off the freon in our car after school.  Now it is pumping out some nice freezing cold air!
Freon Recharge

The Durango getting topped off with some freon.

  • Last weekend, a couple of friends and I went boating in the Persian Gulf.  We went out for a night cruise and had a ton of fun!  It was the first time it’s been out since last May, but it fired up right away.  Unfortunately, the lights stopped working during our voyage, so we had to rely on the moonlight for navigation. Also, the swells were a little bigger then we expected and the bilge pump wasn’t working, so we took on a bit of water.  The good news though, we had 2 life jackets for the five of us guys and we all survived!

Heading to the Persian Gulf to do some boating.

  • When it comes to finding “western products” at the grocery stores here, you never know what you’re going to find.  It’s kind of like Costco back in America,  they’ll have a certain product, but when they sell out, they won’t have it again for another 6 months.  I was pleasantly surprised this week when our favorite grocery store had a huge collection of Tabasco, Frank’s Red Hot, and Siracha.  I’m not a big fan of spicy food, but we definitely stocked up!

The hot sauce aisle was full of goodies last week!

  • I’m organizing a Fantasy Football League again this year for a bunch of the teachers we work with.  A few nights ago, we hosted the draft at our place.  Of course I feel like I drafted the best team in the league, but we’ll have to wait and see how things turn out as the season progresses.  I had to take a picture of one of my friend’s notes and share it with everyone.  She was so organized and kicked ass at making a game plan.  As always, it should be a fun season of smack talking with friends!
Football Draft

My friend’s notes that she took during our fantasy football draft.

  • One of the coolest things about living abroad are the sights you see on a daily basis.  After awhile you get used to them as you slowly become acclimated to the culture.  This year, I want to try my best to capture some of the interesting things we see on a daily basis and share them with you here on our blog.  Here are a few for this week:
  1.  I saw this tiny little truck in a parking lot the other day with 3 huge round bales of hay.  I was shocked that such a little truck could handle that amount of weight, but also wondered where the heck they found such lush and green hay in the middle of the desert!  Don’t worry, the bales weren’t tied down either!
Hay in Truck

That’s a lot of weight in that little truck!

2)  I captured this picture while driving the other day, and it always amazes me that people can carry things on top of their heads!  The bags always look so heavy and I can’t figure out how they can keep them balanced.


It amazes me that people can carry things on their head like this.

3)  I still can’t get used to the idea that most people here don’t use car seats.  While at a red light yesterday, I was starring at 3 kids in the back of their Pajero without carseats or even seat belts!  The driving here is very aggressive, and all I could think of was the tragedy it would be if someone rear ended this car.  Scary!

No Carseat

It is rare to find young children in carseats or even seat belts here.

Well that’s all for this week folks, we’ll see you guys next Monday for another edition of Mitch’s Monday Happy Hour!

Perez Hilton Photo

Last year Mitch wrote a blog post about going golfing with our friend Adam out at a sand course here in Kuwait.  If you need a reminder of that post check it out here.  The whole point of the post was to show our friends and family what the sand course looked like, and to share a few pictures of what their experience.  Here is one of the pictures Mitch put on the blog:

adam golfing

Now fast forward about 6 months.  While we were home this summer I received this text message from Adam:

adam perez


If you are not familiar with who Perez Hilton is, according to his Wikipedia page, he is an American blogger, gossip columnist, and television personality.  He is pretty well known around North America, and currently has over 334,000 followers on his Instagram page where he posted the picture!


I dug a bit deeper into Perez Hilton’s Instagram feed and found the picture Adam had sent me.

adam kardashian

Clearly this picture had been taken from our blog, and clearly Kim Kardashian wasn’t laying naked in the middle of the sand golf course waiting for Adam to pelt her with his golf ball, so I started wondering: How did someone find this picture?  What are the copyright laws of our pictures? and…Who has time in their day that they are spending their time photo-shopping pictures from our blog together with Kim K? I was able to get some of those answers but not others.

How did someone find this picture? I googled sand golf and right there on the front page of google images was Adam in all his golfing glory so finding the picture was not hard at all.

What are the copyright laws of our pictures?  I started googling around with this question and things got too deep, too fast for me.  Bottom line I don’t really care who “borrows” or “steals” our pictures, but I still think Perez Hilton should be paying us at leas $3 or $4 million for the picture (haha)

Who has time in their day to be spending time photo-shopping pictures from our blog together with Kim K?  Just like the world will never know how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop we will never know who has this kind of time in their day either.

FAQ’s of the Summer

When we were back in the United States this summer, we had a great time hanging out with friends and family!  We were able to reconnect with a lot of people and do a lot of catching up.  People were excited to hear about our experiences in Kuwait and to learn more about our lifestyle overseas.  Interestingly, most people asked many of the same questions.  Thus, I decided to compile a list of what I’m calling, “FAQ’s of  the Summer!”

Is Kuwait safe?

Yes, yes, yes, and yes!  Kuwait is a very safe country, and I can honestly say that I have never felt unsafe at any time since we have been here.  The people here are fabulous, kind, genuine, and sincere.  We’ve met some incredible people who have been so welcoming to us.  Before we moved to Kuwait last year, I made a promise to Rachel.  I told her that if either of us ever felt unsafe, we would immediately board a plane, and leave the country.  I reassured her that we are always only one flight away from leaving.

Are you going to have Baby J in Kuwait?

Yes, we are having the baby in Kuwait!  Believe it or not, nearly 350,000 babies are born every day, all over the world, and only a small fraction of them are born in the United States.  Babies are born in the jungles of South America, in the deserts of Africa, and the 5 star luxury hospital we go to in Kuwait.  Our doctor is fabulous, the hospital is excellent, and the care we receive there is top notch. Neither of us have any reservations about having our baby here.

Is Baby J going to be an American even though he is going to be born in Kuwait?

Yes, he will be an American and will have an American passport.  The United States is the ONLY country in the world, that gives birthright citizenship. (Meaning that if you are born in the U.S. you automatically become a citizen).  Baby J is just going to have a cool birth certificate in life that is called a “Birth Abroad Certificate” indicating that he was born abroad, but still has citizenship in the United States.


When are you going to move back to the United States?

Right now we have no plans on returning to the United States.  We are currently in the second year of our two year contract in Kuwait.  At the end of the year we can decide to resign another contract here, move to another country, or return to America.

What is your favorite country that you guys have traveled to last year?

Mitch: For me, it was definitely the Maldives! It was such a beautiful and magical place with the best beaches I’ve ever seen!  The white sand beaches and the crystal clear water were awesome, and it was such a relaxing place. I highly recommend it!


Rachel: Sri Lanka, I loved the option of being at the beach or in the jungle in such close proximity, and learning more about the people who survived the Tsunami 10 years ago was completely humbling.


Where are you guys going to travel to this year?

So far, we only have two trips planned.  For our Holiday Break over Christmas & New Year’s, we are heading to Thailand!  We have a nice long winter break so we are looking forward to spending some time at the beaches.  My family is also planning on going to Thailand, so it will be fun to meet up with them and spend time together over the holidays.

The other trip that we have planned this year is to Oman.  We have a friend who has been living there for about 7 years, so we are excited to go visit him and his family, as well as see the beautiful countryside that Oman has to offer.  From what we hear, outdoor enthusiast’s dream location with all of the beautiful mountains and beaches.

We also have a week off for Spring Break, however we haven’t decided yet where we want to go.


This is a brief recap of some of the common questions we received over the summer.  Perhaps some of our readers also had similar questions, and if so, hopefully this provides a bit of insight for you.