Month: May 2014

Might As Well

Two years ago Mitch and I started seriously talking about looking for jobs overseas.  We loved the idea of moving our lives overseas, exploring a new culture, and having a new airport to be able to travel from.  We realized that it would take a major alignment of the stars to make this dream a reality. Fast forward 2 years and those stars aligned. Mitch and I both received job offers working at an American school in the Middle East.  As we weighed the pros and cons of making a move to the other side of the world, Mitch turned and looked at me and said; “might as well.”  We made the decision to move to Kuwait City, Kuwait.  

A blog?

Buckskin Gulch, Utah We started a blog, yup I said “we.”  I wanted a blog and Mitch is hands down a better writer than I am so I persistently asked until he reluctantly agreed, politely asked him one time and he jumped on board.  Mitch and I are making a major life change and I wanted to way to document our set backs, our successes, and our adventures along the way.  So we will be writing about our life from our own individual perspectives.   My posts will be filled with misspelled words, rambling sentences, and an excessive use of ellipsis (hmm…maybe the plural is ellipsi) Mitch’s writing however will be well thought out, carefully crafted and in a logical and orderly manner.  You can go ahead and take that information and imply a whole bunch of things about our marriage and you would probably right.   So this is it, an official first post and from what I have been told, one of the hardest to write.