We celebrated Thansgiving this week in our new home surrounded by a group of our new friends. As I sat around my table in South Korea eating my apple crisp I reflected on the community of people that surrounded me.  Around our table sat friends from the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Korea, and the Dominican Republic. The children who were playing together were born in Hong Kong, Thailand, New Zealand, Kuwait, and the United States.

We are so much to be thankful for including the people from all these different corners of the world that have come into our lives.

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  1. Hi Rachel after a meeting at MHS this afternoon i was reflecting on the many mtgs I’ve had over the years with Will’s teachers and you came to mind so i decided to take a look at your blog to see what you’re uo to. Wow I’m so impressed by your continued adventures and how big (and adorable!!) your baby boy is. Life in Korea and East Asia sounds and looks very interesting – glad you are well, keep having fun (and blogging about it) and happy new year to you, Mitch and Hayden!

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