Mitch’s Monday Happy Hour – January 19

Greetings all,

It is literally freezing in Kuwait right now! I woke up the other morning and it was 2 degrees Celsius outside (36 Fahrenheit). As we walked to the car for work, we could see our own breath. I kept asking myself, “don’t we live in the desert?” Ok, rant over! I’m sure I’ll be complaining about how hot it is in a couple of months!




  • We had a great weekend, and it all kicked off on Thursday night with our first “Family Dinner.”  Rachel and I hosted dinner at our place for 11 of our close friends. We made spaghetti and everyone else brought a dish to share. The food was great, and the company was even better!  To make room for everyone, we moved all of our furniture out of the living room. We then borrowed two of our friends dinning room tables, and carried them to our place. The next thing you know, we had a total of 3 dinning room tables in a row, with room for 12! It reminded me of a holiday dinner with family, or perhaps the first Thanksgiving. If you wanted the chocolate cake and it was at the other end of the table, you had to holler down and wait 5 minutes before it made it to you. Then you just crossed your fingers that there was some left by the time it got to you. Luckily for me, I was able to dominate 2 pieces of the BEST chocolate cake I’ve ever had that night!

Our Kuwaiti Family!


  • On Friday night, a group of us went to a fundraiser for the Kuwaiti Gaelic Football team. A couple of our friends play on the women’s team.  The event featured a nice dinner, and some entertainment that lasted late into the night. We had a blast, and had a ton of fun out on the town with friends.

Supporting the Kuwait Harps.


  • This week we also found a great walking trail in Kuwait City.  We ended up down by the Kuwait Towers, and walked along the beach for a couple of hours. There is some very nice park areas down there, and tons of families were out having picnics.  We also saw a lot of soccer and basketball games, rollerbladers, bikers, joggers, etc. It was a nice paved path, and it felt just like we were taking a walk around Lake Calhoun back in Minneapolis.


  • Check this out . . . .  Rachel had to pick up a few things at the mall over the weekend so I did what I usually do . . . . wandered aimlessly until she was done.  During my daydream, I stumbled across a new scent of perfume that I have never seen before. The scent is TOBACCO!!!  To the ladies in my life . . . you may be getting some for Christmas next year!

Awesome . . . Tobacco scented perfume!


We hope all is well, we’ll see you next week!



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  1. Seeing all those people in your place remind me of all the parties Mom and Dad had with our family! I have to know…did you smell the perfume and it did it smell like a cigarette?

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