More Photos of the February 20th Sandstorm

A couple of months ago during one of my weekly Happy Hour posts, I mentioned that we had a pretty nasty sandstorm (you can read about it HERE).

Here are some additional photos from that sandstorm:


Photo courtesy of Ethan Schultz

No, those aren’t clouds . . . . . it’s sand coming our way!


Photo courtesy of Nasser Ali DjNas

The sandstorm off in the horizon, coming our way.


Photo courtesy of Gabe Massine.

It is coming right at us!  It was kind of like a tsunami wave . . . . you could see it coming, but you couldn’t do anything about it.


Photo courtesy of Niamh Dickson.

Here it comes!


Photo courtesy of Gabe Massine.

A view from our rooftop, as the sand is starting to take over the buildings:


Photo courtesy of Niamh Dickson.

Here is a cool aerial photo of the storm coming in:


Photo courtesy of

Besides leaving a thin layer of dust all over our cars and apartment windows, the dust storms don’t cause much damage.  It’s like a thin layer of fog that settles in, but by morning it all cleared out.  I would rather have a dust storm every few months rather than 6 months of winter back in Minnesota though!



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