Mitch’s Monday Happy Hour – February 23

Happy Monday Everyone!

I’m super excited right now, because tomorrow we leave for Egypt!  We are traveling with a few friends for a 4-day weekend to Cairo.  We plan on relaxing, seeing the Pyramids and Sphinx, and drinking beer!  Lots of beer!  We are so thankful for our new life and the opportunities it provides us to see the world!  After this trip, Rachel will be able to add Africa to her list of continents she has visited, and tied with me at 5 of the 7.  I’m not sure what the internet accessibility will be like in Egypt, so you probably won’t hear from us on here until next Monday for our weekly Happy Hour.  Until then, here’s what we’ve been up to:

  • Since we arrived in Kuwait, we’ve experienced a few sandstorms.  However, none compare to the one we had last Friday afternoon.  It was a beautiful sunny day outside, when suddenly all of the buzz here online, was about a fast approaching sandstorm.  In the horizon, you could slowly see it moving towards the city, like something you would see in a sci-fi movie.  Within minutes, in completely engulfed us!  You could barely see across the street, and you could hear the sound of sand tinging against our windows.  It started to clear up later in the evening, but it takes a few days for the visibility to return to normal.  The worst part though, is the thin layer of dust you find in your apartment.  Luckily for us though, our maid comes today!

Here’s a picture from our roof top, with the sandstorm fast approaching on the horizon.


The sandstorm has arrived!

  • One thing that has been hard getting used to here in Kuwait, is the lack of seat belt use in automobiles.  Adults hardly ever use them, and kids don’t either!  Apparently there aren’t laws that require them, so it is rare to see a child in a restraint system.  Even babies who are only a few months old, are usually just sitting on an adults lap.  Often times, they are sitting on the driver’s lap!  As the kids get older, they have free rein around the car.  It is not uncommon to see kids hanging out windows or sunroofs as the car is speeding down the highway in excess of 65mph.  It is hard to watch, especially for how many accidents we see on a daily basis.

Nothing like driving behind a car with a kid hanging out the sunroof. You see it all of the time!

  • I love drinking coffee! I like it strong and black.  I never add milk, cream, sugar, or any other junk to it.  Here in Kuwait though, I often have to proceed with caution.  The coffee here is served in tiny little glasses, similar to the size of a shot glass (just a few ounces).  The first time I was offered a cup at a friends house, I thought to myself . . . . “could I have a bigger glass? This is going to be gone in about 2 seconds!”  However when I tasted it, it packed a punch!  There was enough caffeine in there, to shoot a tingling sensation up my spine.  Apparently they don’t mess around with the watered down crap that I’m use to back in America.  Instead, they put the equivalent of about 10 cups of coffee into a 3 ounce glass.  Every time I drink it, it still makes me pucker!

My 3 ounce shot of coffee.

We hope everyone is doing well, until next time!



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