Grand Mosque Kuwait

Living in a Muslim country means we are surrounded by Mosques.  They are almost literally on every corner, and they are beautiful.  After visiting the Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi this fall and being blown away by how fantastic it was we knew we needed to visit the Grand Mosque in Kuwait as well.  So on a quiet Saturday morning we drug ourselves out of bed, grabbed our friend Jooles to come with and headed into downtown Kuwait City to tour the Grand Mosque. IMG_5502 I had learned from our last visit to a Mosque in Abu Dhabi that I would need to have on long sleeves, a long dress, and my hair covered to enter the Grand Mosque so rather than needing to wear the abayas and hijabs offered by the Mosque I threw together my own version before we left home. IMG_5504 Jooles wore the version offered by the Mosque and rocked the black on black look as well. IMG_5505 As guests and Muslims enter the prayer hall they remove their shoes to let the prayer hall remain a clean area.  Let that be a lesson to those of us who tend to wear socks past their expiration date, and have to quickly try and adjust your socks so strangers don’t see your toe sticking out the end.  Learn from my mistakes people!IMG_5489Our tour at the Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi focused almost exclusively on the architecture of the building.  It was truly a beautiful building but in truth…I am not that interested in architecture.  Something I am extremely interested in though, religion. I  like to learn about different faith bases and really like to focus on the similarities that lie amongst the worlds largest religions. IMG_5492 Our tour at the Grand Mosque in Kuwait delivered exactly what I was hoping for in a tour, a lesson on the Islamic faith.  IMG_5494 Our tour guide spoke to us for about two hours, he was equally parts informative and funny.  He knew how to engage his audience all while keeping them entertained.  He was a true teacher of a subject he was completely passionate about; his faith, his culture, himself.  IMG_5500The further I step outside of my norm the more I realize I have to learn.

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