Gas Prices in Kuwait

When we were looking at buying a vehicle in Kuwait a couple of months ago, we knew we wanted a large, gas guzzling, SUV.  Mainly for the comfort, but also because we knew that gas was super cheap here. Our Durango has a 5.7L Hemi V8, and averages about 13 mpg (miles per gallon) in the city and about 18 mpg on the highway.  In all of the reviews we read online, the gas mileage was the biggest thing that people were complaining about it.  However since we lived in the Middle East, we knew it was the perfect place to buy a big SUV with horrible gas mileage.

Currently the gas is about $0.74 a gallon! It is literally cheaper than water or pop.

All of the gas stations here are full service, meaning that you just pull up to the pump, and an attendant fills your tank for you. It’s like magic!

Here’s a photo of my favorite gas station:


They even have grass!

Look at the magic! I just sit in driver’s seat, play on my phone, and the gas is magically pumped into the vechicle!


Viola, it’s magic!

This is the guy who pumps my gas:


He’s a nice guy, and knows 5 words of english: Premium, Ultra, Full, Thank You Sir.

While the gas is being pumped, he goes around the entire vehicle and even washes all of the windows!


Not all of the guys wash your windows, but my dude rocks!

It’s going to be so hard next summer when we return to Minnesota, and I actually have to get out of the vehicle and do it myself. #livinginluxury

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