Mitch’s Monday Happy Hour – January 26

Happy Monday Everyone!

We are back to work today after enjoying a busy, fun, and exciting 3-day weekend!  It was our first long weekend in a long time, so an extra day off to sleep in was much appreciated. On Friday afternoon, we found out that school would be closed on Sunday, due to the death of the Saudi Arabian King Abdullah.  The Kuwaiti Government announced 3 days of mourning, so all government offices (including schools) were closed Friday-Sunday. This was perhaps the busiest weekend we have had since being in Kuwait and it made us so thankful that we had a car. We probably put a couple of hundred miles on as we traversed the city/country.  Here’s what we are up to:

  • On Friday, a few of us took a road trip to the highest point in Kuwait, Mutla Ridge.  It was about an hour drive from Kuwait City towards the Iraqi border.  It is out in the middle of the desert, and there were quite a few people camping, having picnics, dune bashing and four-wheeling.  We drove the ol’ Durango to the top, enjoyed the sights, and took a little walk around. It was so nice to be out in nature and just chill outside.  After awhile, we were going to take off, when we found a guy renting four-wheelers on the side of the road. Of course we had to do it!  So we went ripping around the desert for an hour and had a blast. We took some fun pictures with our nice camera, so we’ll post those at another time, but here is a quick one that I took with my iPhone.
four wheeler

Rachel ripping around at Mutla Ridge

  • After our time in the desert, we stopped at Street Fest.  It was a big block party in downtown Kuwait City, with different vendors selling all sorts of food, merchandise, clothing, jewelry, food, etc.  We got some dinner from one of the food trucks and enjoyed walking around and checking everything out.  I love festivals like this and it was super nice. Here’s a crappy iPhone pic I took:
Street Fest

Street Fest 2015

  • On Sunday, I spent my day off at the golf course.  Me and a buddy tried our luck at one of the sand courses here called Ahmadi Golf Club.  Your are basically playing a round of golf in the middle of the desert, without any grass!  They give you a little piece of fake grass that you put your ball on before each shot.  I’ll post some more pics and share some of the funny stories another time, but here is a pic of my buddy in the middle of the fairway on hole #1.
Sand Course


  • I ran to the Ace Hardware last week to pick a few things up when I saw something strange . . . . an entire section of ice scrapers!!! I laughed to myself and thought, “why in the heck do they have ice scrapers here?”  Then I realized that most people who walk past them, probably have no idea what they actually are. Maybe people buy them to scrape stickers off windows? Or maybe they buy them to use as back scratchers?  When I first found out that they had an Ace Hardware here, someone described the store as, “they literally picked up an Ace Hardware from Minnesota, and dropped it in Kuwait.”  They even sell humming bird feeders (there’s no hummingbirds here), riding lawnmowers (there is no grass here), and tons of other super weird things. Without a doubt though, the ice scrapers are the craziest I’ve seen yet!
Such a nice variety of ice scrapers at the Kuwait City Ace Hardware!

Such a nice variety of ice scrapers at the Kuwait City Ace Hardware!

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