Lots & Lots of Deodorant

I think we have published about 30 or so posts thus far, and you have probably noticed a common theme among all of them by now . . . . . it’s hot in Kuwait!  With the heat comes sweat, yuck!  I’m proud to be a natural born sweater.  I think about heat, and I swear that I will break out in a sweat.  With sweat, comes the need for deodorant, lots and lots of deodorant!

Some of you already now that I’m not to keen on “change.”  Sure, I can quit my job, sell our house and change our lifestyle, however the thought of changing the little things in my life freaks me out!  For example, I order the same exact things at every restaurant we ever go to.  For as long as I can remember, I have ordered the same exact sandwich at Subway. When we go to Chipolte, sure I look at all of the choices of toppings for my burrito, but I always order the same exact thing.  Another thing that I could never change is the type of deodorant I use.  For as long as I can remember, I have used Old Spice – Sweat Defense: Pure Sport.  Before we left Minnesota, my plan was to buy about a dozen of them so I could survive the intense heat and sweating in Kuwait.  For whatever reason though, life got busy before we left and I totally forgot to stock up!

Once we arrived in Kuwait, and after using about 20 “clicks” of D.O. per day, I quickly realized that I should have sent a freight container of deodorant with us! When we went on our first grocery store run here, I took a look and realized that they didn’t have any Old Spice deodorant! I had a minor meltdown in the D.O. aisle before settling on another brand. I was crushed that my loyalty with Old Spice was over, and I was forced to make a change.  For about the next two weeks, every time we would go to a store, I would go straight to the deodorant aisle to see if they had my kind. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find it at any stores, until one day, I stumbled upon it!

I was at a new branch of the Sultan Center (a grocery store chain here) searching the deodorant aisle for my treasure.  Just like the other four stores I checked, I was unsuccessful.  As I was walking out of the aisle, I happened to take a glance at the section of toothpaste when SUDDENLY my eye caught something!  In the middle of the display featuring all of the toothpaste, brushes, floss, etc. was my deodorant! I wanted to shout with glee, but instead gave a double fist-pump.  Knowing how hard it was to find, I grabbed every single stick of deodorant that they had . . . . . all five of them!  With the other groceries in my hands, I couldn’t even grab all of them so I had to go and find a basket to carry everything.  The good news is I found my favorite deodorant, the bad news is that it will probably only last about 2 weeks before I’m on another wild goose chase trying to find another stash of them!


The best deodorant ever! This supply should last me about 2 weeks or so.

For some of you, you are probably thinking right now, ” I can’t believe I just wasted 5 minutes of my day reading about how crazy O.C.D. Mitch is when it comes to his deodorant.”   However the rest of you are probably thinking, “dude, I feel your pain. I use the same deodorant all the time too!”

-Cheers, have a great “sweat less” day!


  1. When Byerley’s stopped carrying one of my husband’s favorite foods from his homeland (England) he would stand in silent homage to it at the freezer door where it used to be. He will still sometimes check that same freezer out, “just in case they bring” it back! Embrace the sweat…at least you use deodorant!

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