Al Khiran Beach

Last weekend we enjoyed the sweet taste of FREEEEEEDOOOOOMMMMMM (make sure you yell that like William Wallace’s Braveheart voice).  Since moving to Kuwait we have been car-less.  Kuwaiti law is that you cannot purchase a vehicle until you have a Civil ID, so as our paperwork is being processed, we have been bus and taxi people.  It is super awesome that our school provides free transportation to and from school everyday, however relying on taxis to take us to the grocery store or to find some entertainment has been….kinda sucky.  We love being able to just jump in the car and go, and that has been striped from us for the last month and a half, so last weekend we rented a car!

I knew that the number one thing on my weekend to do list, after the car was in our possession, was head to the beach.  We have heard from our Kuwaiti veteran friends that if we headed south towards Saudi, we would run into some awesome private beaches that we could spend our day enjoying.

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 5.17.54 PM

Al Khiran is a resort town, where they dug out tons of channels to create more beaches and space for chalets on the water. This is a google map view of the area.


We woke up early on Friday morning, piled the vehicle full of our friends and headed south.  As we drove through the desert I spotted something strange off in the distance.  As we pulled closer we realized it was a wild herd (flock, school, pack, I guess I don’t know the proper terminology) of camels!….yes you read that right, FRICKEN CAMELS!  We realized in that moment we were in for a stellar day.


We pulled into the Al Khiran area, which is where many Kuwaiti’s have their weekend chalets, which is like their weekend lake home to us.  Now let me tell you something, these were MANSIONS, not like any cabin I had ever seen before.  These places were the opposite of the outhouse using, lake shower taking, generator using cabins we are used to.  IMG_4663 Al Khiran doesn’t have any public beaches but we were easily able to climb a ditch and jump over a concrete barrier to reach the beach just fine.  IMG_4664 Once we made it to the beach we were in Heaven.  We had the whole place to ourselves.  IMG_4665 We laid in the sun, splashed in the water, and talked about how amazingly happy we were to be having this day.  IMG_4669 The only thing we wished as we had our lazy sun day was that someone would ask us to house sit for them at the Kuwaiti version of a cabin.  10637761_10103538217450747_1213934942_n So if you happen to be reading this post and own a Kuwaiti chalet, and are looking for someone to housesit…I’m your girl.  10152758_10103538221148337_2125341546_nAl Khiran, we will be back again, very, very soon!

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