Best Present Ever

In Rachel’s post of ‘The Things She’ll Miss Most‘ and in my ‘Things I’m going to Miss Most‘ we both mentioned how much we are going to miss our little triplet nieces and nephew! When we left in August they were about 6 months old, and will be about 15 months old the next time we see them in person.  Babies change so fast, especially at this age. We are going to miss fun milestones like rolling over, crawling, standing, walking, and talking.  We are also going to miss things like their first Christmas and Birthday party!  It rips our heart knowing that we can’t be a larger part of their life right now, or be there to help support their parents.  In today’s technological world, we are lucky to stay in touch with them through things like FaceTime, Email, Skype, and apps like WhatsApp and Viber. Before we departed to Kuwait, we received one of the coolest going away gifts ever from the Triplets (thanks to their parents who were thoughtful enough to think to buy us a gift in the middle of some pretty intense sleep depravation). They bought us one of those electronic picture frames that scrolls through hundreds of pictures. The cool thing with this frame though, is that its connected to our wifi network and has its own email address.  That way whenever the triplet’s parents snap a cool picture of them with their iPhones, they simply email it to the designated email address and it automatically pops up on our picture frame!  There have been so many times that we will wake up to a whole slew of new photos.  We have even been sitting in our living room watching a movie or something, and all of a sudden one of us notices we have a bunch of new photos on the frame!  The frame is a great size, about the size of our iPad.  It’s super clear and a ton of fun! The frame is from a company called Pix-Star and you can visit their website here. Here are a few of our favorite photos we have received on the frame thus far:


It’s fun to walk into the living room and see this happy face on the picture frame!


When you think babies can’t get any cuter, just add sunglasses


Nothing better than a baby just after bath time


Look who’s standing!!!! With a little bit of help 😉


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