Things I will Miss

Yesterday, Mitch and I went to Happy Hour with a group of people he works with. While we were there a woman Mitch works with asked me two questions about our move to Kuwait:

1. What are you most excited about?
2. What do you think you will miss the most?

I answered both questions with little hesitation. I am most excited about the travel opportunities and I will miss my nieces and nephew the most. Once I answered her though, I got to thinking that I really am going to miss quite a few things from once we move – so I started to jot them down – and realized how scattered and all over the place this list is. So, no judging, but here are a few things I am most positive I will miss next year:

Stitch Fix: It has only been in the last couple of months that I discovered this online clothing styling service, and let me tell you getting those little blue boxes in the mail will be greatly missed.  Basically you fill out an online style survey and then you get clothes hand-picked and sent to you.  To read more about Stitch Fix and to give it a try, check out this link.  Full disclosure, if you sign up under that link i will receive a referal credit of $25 and you will be participating in feeding my addiction to these cute clothes!  



A few examples from my latest Stitch Fix delivery



Stitch Fix does a great job putting different styles together.

 Family Gatherings: I already know I will experience homesickness, especially on those days when I know our families will be having special events or celebrating holidays. I am also sad we will miss family traditions, like signing the table cloth at Thanksgiving or the annual boot hockey game at the Johnson family Christmas party.  I will also miss not being at the triplets first birthday party, or other family gatherings. I know these days will be amongst the hardest.


The annual boot hockey game at Christmas is one of my favorite traditions

Chipotle: This will be missed. Seriously, seriously missed.


My favorite restaurant

The Library: Even though I have a nook that is significantly overstocked with books, being able to walk into the library and grab a physical book will not be something I am able to do.  As much as I love technology and the ease of traveling with e-books, I will miss holding books. 


Meme found here.

Snow: I love Minnesota and all that is has to offer, including the winters, (well maybe not when it is -40, ain’t nobody got time a big enough down jacket for that) 


A photo from our backyard last winter, after a recent snowfall

Kelsie, Carter & Cora: I was right when I said that I was going to miss these three….a lot.


My nieces & nephew (L to R): Cora, Kelsie, and Carter


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