Mitch’s Monday Happy Hour – April 13

Happy Monday! We just returned from our trip to Jordan, so I apologize that we have been away for so long!  We had an awesome trip, and a great visit with my parents.  We will be sure to post some pictures and tell some stories about our vacation on here soon, but in the meantime . . . . . here’s what else we have been up to:

  • Before we left for Jordan, my parents flew to Kuwait to visit us for a few days.  They had a great time (I think) seeing where we live, work, and some of the sights around Kuwait City. It took a couple of days for them to get acclimated to the time change, but they were rockstars and fought through it.  While they were here, we took them to the Souq (an outdoor market), took a tour of the Grand Mosque, and spent a day at the beach.  Of course the best part was just seeing them and spending time with family!
  • On April 1st, Rachel and I celebrated our 3rd Wedding Anniversary!  It seems like just yesterday, we were tying the knot on the beach of Puerto Vallarta.  We celebrated by going out to dinner with my parents and a big group of our friends.  It has been an amazing 3 years full of laughter, joy, and adventures.  I can’t wait to see what is in store for our next 75+ years together!
  • While in Jordan, Rachel celebrated her 30th birthday!  We arrived at Petra on her birthday and had a few drinks at the oldest bar in the world, called The Cave Bar.  It occupies a 2,000 year old Nabataean rock tomb.  It was super cool there!  That evening we also did a night hike to the Treasury inside Petra, where the entire 2 km trail was lit with luminaries along the path.  It was a great experience and we took a bunch of pictures we will share with you guys soon.  The coolest part about Rachel’s birthday in Jordan . . . . . . . . it was the 20th country she has been to!
  •  We returned to Kuwait last weekend, and my parents were able to hang around for about 6 hours before we had to take them back to the airport for their journey home.  It was a long trek home for them, but with their flight times, they are able to say that on one day, Saturday, April 11, they were on 3 different continents:  Asia, Europe, and North America!
  • I’m only home this week long enough to unpack, do a few loads of laundry, and repack before I head back to the airport for our next trip.  On Wednesday, I’m heading back to Dubai to umpire at a baseball tournament.  It will be my 3rd trip to Dubai since moving here 8 months ago, but I love that city, and can’t wait to go.  Then next weekend, I fly to Abu Dhabi for another baseball tournament!  I’ll be gone a total of 4 weekends in a row traveling! #ournewlifeisawesome  It also means that I will be able to drink a beer every weekend during the month of April.  Wooooooohoooooooo!

We are very excited to share our adventures and pictures from Jordan with everyone real soon.  We loved it there, and highly recommend it to everyone!  Until next time . . . . . . . . cheers!


This was the most popular beer in Jordan: Amstel


  1. Hi Mitch and Rachel,
    I just LOVE reading your Happy Hour stories! Such adventure you’ve experienced! I wish you nothing but fun and happiness. We sure miss you around city hall though! Keep the updates coming.

    1. Hello Karen,
      I’m glad you enjoy my ranting and blabbing during my Happy Hour stories! We are having a great time, and can hardly believe that we’ll be back in Minnesota in about a month and a half. We’ll definitely have to get together for lunch this summer.

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