Mitch’s Monday Happy Hour

Greetings All,

You’ve probably noticed that our blog posting has slowed down a bit the last couple of weeks. For our diehard readers, who check for new posts everyday, we apologize to you!  Now that we have been in Kuwait for a couple of months, we have started to settle into our routines and have been super busy with work and life.  As a result, we have struggled to find free time to keep in touch with everyone on our blog. We are definitely going to try harder to add a couple of new posts every week.

To keep everyone in the loop of our daily happenings, I’ve decided to dabble into a new segment I’ll call: “Mitch’s Monday Happy Hour.”  I want to kind of spin it as if we were getting together with you on a Monday evening for a Happy Hour. A great way to catch up with friends and to touch base with what’s going on in life.  So without further a due, I present to you . . . . our first segment of  . . . . . . Mitch’s Monday Happy Hour!

  • We’ve been spending a lot of time lately looking for a car!  We are looking to purchase a used SUV and have found a couple that we were interested in. There were two of them that we were ready to buy, however after a final check on the background of the vehicle, we found out that the odometer had been turned back over 100,000 km on both of them! We are still continuing our search, and putting an even stronger emphasis on doing our research before buying.
  • My favorite food in Kuwait is called a shawarma. It is a wrap, with shaved chicken (or you can get beef) served inside of a flatbread with vegetables and a garlic dressing. Each vendor prepares them differently, and the vegetables could be cucumber, onion, tomato, pickles, egg plant, or even french fries. They are sooooo good, and less than $1.00 each.  I found an awesome little food stand, about a 10 minute walk from our apartment, that has the BEST shawarma yet!  This week,  I went there 3 days in-a-row for dinner!  The owner speaks about 5 words of english, so we just speak through hand signals. When he sees me walking toward him, he greets me with a huge smile and holds up 2 fingers. I confirm with a slight head nod, and within minutes, I’m devouring two shawarma. He’s a Syrian guy named Khalil, and I’ll definitely be keeping him in business while we live here!
  • Rachel has been adding a few things to our apartment to make it feel like “home.”  She bought a few picture frames and had some photos printed for them. We got them hung up this weekend, which is an awesome addition to our place. She has started a short “honey-do-list” with various other tasks she wants to do, so we’ll slowly chip away at that.
  • We’ve also been busy planning our Christmas trip to Sri Lanka and the Maldives.  We bought our plane tickets a couple of months ago, but just started booking our accommodations this week. We booked this awesome house for our first few nights, in a jungle of Sri Lanka, only about 4 minutes from the beach.  It looks so peaceful and a great place for us to unwind over the holidays. We can’t wait to share photos of our trip with everyone once we return.

Well that wraps up our first Monday Happy Hour together! Let’s do it again next week, cheers!

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