The Scientific Center of Kuwait

In case we haven’t sufficiently told you how unbearably hot it has been here in Kuwait, let me tell you one more time: we live in a sauna, a sauna where a hair dryer is constantly blowing on you. This climate has lead me to discover something new about myself: I turn into a crabby, crazy person in the heat.

In order to save my husband from feeling as if he has married the spawn of Freddy Krueger and Naomi Campbell, I started to look for indoor activities for us to explore in Kuwait.  Enter: The Scientific Center of Kuwait.

The Scientific Center of Kuwait has a small Kid’s Discovery Zone with some science based experiments, a huge iMax Theatre, and a great aquarium.  It also met our top 3 requirements to do last weekend:

1. It looked like fun

2. It was indoors

3. It was indoors


One of our co-worker’s husband was the architect who designed this building!

Unfortunately you can't ride your bike, walk your dog or smoke your hookah outside the Scientific Center.

Unfortunately you can’t ride your bike, walk your dog or smoke your hookah outside the Scientific Center.


The Scientific Center was located right on the PersianGulf.  If it hadn’t have been 263 degrees outside, I would have gone down and enjoyed the beach.


BREAKING NEWS: We found Nemo!


I think this picture does a great job of showing how huge the fish tanks were. It kind of looks like Mitch is standing inside the tank with the sharks.


I’m assuming he is related to Jaws.

IMG_4608 IMG_4615

I love that sting ray’s always have a smile on their face!


Mitch in a starring contest with a super ugly fish. Mitch lost!


Awesome Aquarium….and it’s indoors.


  1. Rachel! I am loving all of your updates and eagerly look forward to what you and Mitch will post next! The heat reminds me of when I lived in Palm Springs. People there would tell me at 105 degrees, “Oh, it’s just a spring breeze!” I will tell you that you get used to it more…slowly…but you may find when you come back to MN, that summer days don’t feel that warm to you anymore. Glad to see that you’re both safe and sound and adventuring! Looking forward to your next posts…

    Anita Britton

    1. Anita,
      So great to hear from you. So glad to hear that at some point 105 might feel normal….I will let you know when that happens 🙂

      We are loving this new adventure and are so glad we took this leap of faith….but I am still missing working with my SHE crew!

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