Vacation Dreaming

One of the biggest reasons we decided to move to the Middle East was because of the travel opportunities. Destinations that are only a dream in our current life look like they are realistic options for us once we move to Kuwait. Since I have been bitten so badly by the travel bug I have spent an endless amount of time online looking at flights and dreaming.  We know that with our work schedules at the school we have a week off in Fall and Spring and a couple weeks off for winter break. This time off together is such a luxury that we really want to soak up this amazing vacation time. Here are a few of the destinations that are ranking pretty high on our dream list right now:

1. Kenya/Tanzania: Lions, tigers, and bears giraffes oh my!


2. Sri Lanka: Elephants playing in the water, seriously, I die from the cuteness. 


3. Maldives: We got to stay at an over water bungalow while we were in Panama a few years ago and have been dying to stay in one again. The crystal blue water doesn’t hurt either.


4. Abu Dhabi & Dubai: All you need to know is there is a waterside that goes through a shark tank. 


Anyone been to any of these destinations or have an idea of a location we should be looking into?   We would love to hear your feedback!

Pictures found: here, here, here, and here

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