Long Minnesota Goodbye: Bemidji Edition

Bemidji has such a special place in my heart.  I went to college there, met awesome friends there, met Mitch there, and got engaged there.  We have so many awesome memories there and love that we still have friends that are in the area so we can create even more.  While we were in Walker with Mitch’s family we knew we had to carve out some time to hang out with these awesome people.  Mother Nature and the Work Gods were pulling in our favor as it was a gorgeous day on Friday and our friends were either able to take the day off of work or sneak out after a half day.  We dropped the boat in the water early in the afternoon and stayed out till the sun went down.  

IMG_4312 IMG_4313 IMG_4315IMG_4316 IMG_4319 IMG_4322IMG_4325 IMG_4328 IMG_4330 IMG_4332 IMG_4335 IMG_4344 IMG_4346 IMG_4348 IMG_4353 IMG_4357 IMG_4366IMG_4361Saying goodbye has never been so much fun!

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