Eid Vacation Plans – 2015

Around this time a year ago, we were busy making plans for our Eid Vacation to Dubai and Abu Dhabi.  We shared our plans with you in a post entitled: Eid Vacation Plans.  Today is the first day of our Eid Vacation, and our vacation is a little different than last year.  This year we are enjoying our 10 days off, staying put in Kuwait for what we are calling our: “stay-cation.”

Since our little guy is scheduled to arrive in about three weeks we knew traveling was out of the question for this break.  I have to admit, I was a bit jealous when our friends all piled into our car this morning for Mitch to drop them off at the airport.  A group of them are headed off to the Greek Islands for an awesome beach vacation.  However, in actuality I am kind of looking forward to some quiet time at home to read books and catch up on my Netflix que!

Beyond relaxing and making sure to take some mid-day naps, our plans involve spending lots of time at the Hilton.  We also hope to spend lots of time in the air conditioned malls, to walk some laps so that this little baby spins around the right direction to prepare for his exit!

While our travel plans for Eid this year are not nearly as exciting as our Dubai and Abu Dhabi trip last year, the amount of excitement in hearts for our baby to arrive far exceeds any trip we could possibly be taking!