Mitch’s Monday Happy Hour – May 25

Happy Monday Tuesday Everyone!

For the second week in a row, we are meeting for our Monday Happy Hour on a Tuesday . . . . . my apologies!  I’m sure all of you are anxiously waiting to see what kind of blah blah blah Mitch is going to come up with this week (*end of sarcasm)

  • The weather is definitely warming up here in Kuwait!  The highs each day have been 110+ degrees with the lows overnight in the upper 80s.  Next week they are forecasting a high of 118 degrees!!!  It is kind of crazy though how quickly you can adapt to it.  When we arrived in Kuwait last August we instantly experienced a 40 degree change in temperature overnight, from when we left Minnesota to arriving here.  It was miserable!  At least now, we can ease into the heat from spring into summer.  The other day I realized that I have officially become acclimated to the weather here in Kuwait.  I was standing outside waiting for a ride about 5pm, and was thinking to myself, “wow, it’s really nice out right now.”  I was standing outside for about 10 minutes or so, just playing on my phone, when I stumbled across the weather and realized that it was 104 degrees out!!  We keep joking with friends that we are going to have to buy a winter parka when we get back to Minnesota for the summer, because the weather is going to be around 70-80 degrees.
  • A buddy and I have officially started a new Saturday morning tradition . . . . watching the Minnesota Twins game!  We wake up early, get the game fired up online, and enjoy our morning coffee while watching some baseball.  He is from Minnesota too, so he’s just as big of a fan as I am.  I love watching sporting events here online.  Even though a majority of the games we watch aren’t live, it’s easy to avoid the scores to see who wins.  Then you can just watch it online whenever you want!
  • Last week Rachel and I crossed a BIG item off our ‘To Do List’ . . . . . we ordered a car seat and stroller for Baby J!  We have been researching the different brands a lot over the last couple of months and finally decided on which ones we wanted.  Unfortunately though, they don’t sell either of the brands we wanted here!  We got super lucky though, and were able to get them shipped here to Kuwait!  We ordered a total of 4 pieces (stroller, car seat, adapter, and an accessory) but had to order each item from a different website.  Certain websites wouldn’t ship certain items overseas to us.  So we had to kind of manipulate the internet a bit to get all of the stuff shipped.  Now we just have to keep our fingers crossed that it all arrives!
  • Last weekend I crossed another item of my ‘To Do List’ by backing up all over our photos onto an external hard drive.  A lot of the photos were candid shots that we had taken on our iPhones from the last year or so.  I stumbled across the pic from above and my mouth started watering!  It was a photo I took last summer, the night before we left for Kuwait, for a little “going away party” we had with some friends and family.  Only a couple more weeks, until I can enjoy an ice cold beer on the lakes of Minnesota!

The Countdown:

  • 9 more days of school with the kids
  • 16 days until we arrive in Portugal
  • 22 days until we arrive in Minnesota

Cheers everyone!

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