Mitch’s Monday Happy Hour – April 20

Happy Monday Everyone!

I’m glad you are visiting our blog today, for our weekly happy hour!  Here’s what’s going on with us this week:

  • We had a great time in Dubai last weekend!  I was there for 4 days, while Rachel joined me a day later.  I was busy umpiring at a baseball tournament for the majority of the weekend, and Rachel was able to enjoy a much deserved weekend of rest-and-relaxation.  At the baseball tournament there were teams from Australia, Singapore, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar, Bahrain, Dubai, and others.  It was a great tournament and I had a ton of fun!  I snapped a few pictures and have a few fun stories that I’ll share with everyone soon.
  • I only work 3 days this week, then it’s back to the airport for another trip back to United Arab Emirates (UAE) for the 4th time in 8 months, and back-to-back weekends!  This time I’m going to the city of Abu Dhabi though, which I have only ever been to once before.  I’m going this weekend to umpire at a high school baseball tournament.  I’m super excited about the opportunity, and for another little weekend get away (4 weekends in a row!)
  • A few weeks ago, we started watching the new season of our favorite tv show . . . . . . . The Amazing Race with a group of our friends.  It has become a weekly routine now, where every Tuesday night, all 6 of us get together to watch the latest episode.  At the beginning of the season we all picked a team that we were going to root for, then whichever team wins, that person gets a prize!  It definitely adds a little more excitement to our weekly tv show viewing parties, but more importantly it’s all about getting together with a group of some of our closest friends for dinner on a weekly basis.
  • A group of teachers organized a Fantasy Hockey League last fall, prior to the start of the National Hockey League (NHL) season.  I’ve never played fantasy hockey before, but I thought it would be fun, so I decided to give it a try.  Our season wrapped up this week, and I’m excited to announce that I finished in 3rd place out of 10 teams!  Obviously it was all luck, but I’m pretty pumped about how I finished the season up!
  • The last week or so, we have definitely noticed that weather is starting to get hotter outside!  The weather is absolutely perfect for a majority of the day, but for a couple of hours each day it is smoking hot outside.  The highs have been getting into the mid-90s each afternoon, which has been feeling great.  I wish these temperatures would stick around until we leave in June, however we know that summer is quickly approaching.  And of course, with the arrival of summer, we know that temperatures in the 100s will be here soon.

Thanks for getting together for another weekly edition of our Monday Happy Hour, we’ll see you all again next week!

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