Mitch’s Monday Happy Hour – March 9

Happy Monday Everyone!

It’s hard to believe that we only have 3 months left in Kuwait, before we return to Minnesota for the summer!  Here’s a few tidbits of what’s going on in our life . . . . . .

I’m still working on my Arabic skills, and I think I’m up to about 5 words now!  The kids at school are constantly trying to teach me new words, but apparently my brain is reaching capacity, because I can’t seem to remember any of them!  This week, I asked one of the kids at school how to write my name in Arabic, and this is what he came up with . . . . . . . .


Apparently in Arabic, my name  would be pronounced: “Mich.”

When you live in a foreign country, you never know what you are going to run into.  Some of the most interesting encounters I have had are while driving around.  Last weekend I was cruising down the freeway about 70 mph when I saw a truck full of sheep cruising by in the back of a truck.  I grabbed my phone and took a quick pic!  Lamb is really popular hear, perhaps more so than beef or even chicken.  I’m not a huge fan of it, but seeing them standing in the back of truck made me chuckle.


Lambchops anyone?

I think we’ve officially recovered from our trip to Egypt last weekend, and already have our sights on our next trip!  My parents will be arriving in Kuwait in just 21 days, then after a few days here, all four of us will be heading off to Jordan for a week!  We have an app on our phones called TripIt, that counts down the days for us.  It’s always fun to get a reminder every few days to let you know that you have another awesome vacation on the horizon!

Since we’ve moved here, we’ve been making a list of items we need that we can’t find in Kuwait.  Since my parents are coming in just a few weeks, they have graciously decided to bring a bunch of stuff here for us!  So last week, we have been busy doing some online shopping, and sending our purchases to my parents house back in the United States.  They are allowed to bring a few checked bags for free, so we’re hoping to fill all of their available space with our treasures!  Our friends are pretty excited too, because they have been ordering a few items too!  It’s going to be like Christmas when they arrive, with all of our goodies!

Last weekend, our family back home in Minnesota turned their clocks ahead in honor of Daylight Savings.  We were 9 hours ahead of them, but now we are only 8 hours ahead of them.  You wouldn’t think an hour time difference would make a huge deal, but when you are trying to call people from home, it can make a big difference!  Especially when we are trying to call our little triplet nieces and nephew!

So long everyone!

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