Mitch’s Monday Happy Hour – February 9

Welcome to this week’s edition of Mitch’s Monday Happy Hour!  We are officially 1/2 done with our school year, and celebrate our 100th day of school next week!  Here’s what we are up to this week:

  • Last weekend we went to our first Kuwaiti Farmers Market.  It is called the Qout Market, and it is held once a month, from November to April in downtown Kuwait City.  It is pretty neat, because it is held on the top level of a huge parking ramp, with great views of the sky scrapers and downtown scenery.  The market had such a variety of items including, flowers, fruit, crafts, baked goods, clothing, bicycles, and tons of other stuff.  It was such a refreshing experience, and the entire time we were there, we kept saying, “it doesn’t even feel like we are in Kuwait right now!”  We didn’t really buy anything, just a few little treats to snack on as we walked around.

Qout Market

  • This weekend, I also had my first run in with the Kuwaiti Police Department.  We were just cruising down the freeway, in the slow lane, minding our business, when I noticed a police officer pulled in behind us and started his siren.  I pulled over right away, he checked my license, and let us on our way.  No questions, no explanation of why we were pulled over, but no problems either.  I was pretty lucky that I had a valid license and all the appropriate paperwork with me, because I know quite a few people who are “rolling the dice” and driving here illegally.
  • My search for Miracle Whip has commenced!!!!!  During our first trip to the grocery store, when we arrived in Kuwait last August, we picked up a jar of Miracle Whip for my sandwiches. (I hate regular mayonnaise!)  We thought nothing of it, until a few weeks later when we ran out, and couldn’t find it any grocery store.  I literally drove all over Kuwait to different stores, in search of the most important ingredient in my daily turkey sandwich for lunch!  In fact, even some of our friends would check stores when they would go shopping!  We soon realized that a lot of our favorite american products are “hit and miss” when we try to find them.  Therefore we have to make sure we stock up on products when we see them, hence the reason I bought 3 jars of Miracle Whip yesterday. Yikes!!!

Woohoo . . . . . I found Miracle Whip!


  • Last week, I started a new gig at school coaching the 5th grade girls soccer team!  After 2 days of tryouts last week, and 2 days of practice this week, we have our first game this Thursday against a neighboring school.  Wish us luck!  So far, the #1 thing that I have learned . . . . . . . . . is that 5th grade girls love to talk!!!! They’re full of questions, random facts, jokes, gossip, and humor.  They also brighten my day, but hopefully we score a goal or two this season too! (winning a game this season is not a goal yet)

Ma’a As-Salaama (goodbye in Arabic)



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