The World’s Greatest Cookie

We had to travel nearly 8,000 miles from the lakes of Minnesota to the desert of Kuwait, in order to find THE greatest cookie IN THE WORLD!  Come to find out though, the cookie is actually from Australia!  This post is sure to make your mouth water . . . so quick . . . . go grab a big glass of milk before reading on!

Introducing the Tim Tam!


We were only in Kuwait for about 12 hours before we were introduced to Mr. Tim Tam.  We were just getting settled into our new home when we heard a knock at our front door. It was our next door neighbors who were stopping by to introduce themselves and welcome us to Kuwait.  They brought us a house-warming gift: Tim Tams!  They asked if we had ever had them before, and we explained that we hadn’t even heard of them. Our neighbor is from Australia, and she began telling us about how popular they were back home and how everyone just loves them.  We accepted their kind gesture and considered ourselves so lucky to be living next door to such awesome people.

We immediately busted open the pack and couldn’t wait to judge for ourselves the quality of the cookies.  Let me tell you . . . OMG!  Hands down, they were the best little cookie i’ve ever had!  As I sit here at the computer, I’m completely speechless on how to describe them, they would just melt in your mouth. So after a quick google search, here’s what I found: “A Tim Tam is composed of two layers of chocolate malt biscuit, separated by a light chocolate cream filling, and coated in a thin layer of textured chocolate.” (thanks wikipedia!)  The only bummer about the Tim Tam . . . . there’s only 11 cookies in each pack!  So with every purchase, we know that one of us is going to get screwed by only getting 5 cookies, while the other person gets 6!


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Just when we thought the Tim Tam couldn’t get any better, we discovered that he has a few friends. Including:

  • Double Coat
  • Chewy Carmel
  • White Chocolate
  • Turkish Delight
  • Dark Chocolate Rum & Raisin
  • Dark Chocolate Mint
  • Honeycomb
  • Double Chocolate Vanilla
  • Chocolate Orange
  • Dark Chocolate Classic

We’ve tried the Carmel Tim Tams and the Double Dipped Tim Tams. Both are great, but I still prefer the original!

After a few weeks of enjoying this Aussie cookie of goodness, I discovered the Tim Tam Slam.  This is where you bite off opposite ends of the cookie, put one side in your coffee and the other end in your mouth. Then your slurp up your coffee through the cookie. The heat from your beverage slowly melts the chocolate of the cookie, and you end up with a chocolate/coffee concoction that tastes great.

Here’s the good news for all you folks back in the States: They’re for sale in the US by Pepperidge Farm and mainly available at Target. Apparently they are not as good as the original Tim Tams, but they are worth a try if you are looking for a sweet treat.


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I’m going to leave you today with 7 Fun Facts about a Tim Tam that I found on Buzzfeed:

  1. Australians eat 45 million packs of Tim Tams a year.
  2. Tim Tams went on the market in 1964, 50 years ago! (why I haven’t I heard of these)
  3. They are named after a horse who won the Kentucky Derby in 1958.
  4. The chocolate used to coat the Tim Tams is supposed to have a slight carmel taste.
  5. There is a cheese flavored Tim Tam available in Indonesia (yuck!)
  6. The Tim Tam factory in Sydney, Australia produces 3,000 cookies a minute.
  7. One in every two Australian households contains a pack of Tim Tams.

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