Mitch’s Monday Happy Hour – November 24

Hey everyone, welcome to our 2nd Happy Hour!  Here’s a few quick tidbits on what’s going on in our lives this week:


  • We bought a crockpot (woohoo)!  We’ve been looking for one for the last couple of weeks, but couldn’t really find one that we were interested in at any stores.  However, just when we were ready to give up our search . . . . we found out one of our co-workers was selling hers!  For just a couple of bucks, we got a huge “like-new” one.  As soon as we got it, we got all of the ingredients we needed to make a batch of homemade chicken noodle soup.  Without a doubt, the best part of using a crockpot for dinner is the smell in your apartment when you get home from work!  We are looking forward to using it lots this winter.
  • With American Thanksgiving coming up next week, we’ve started putting some plans together with friends to spend the holiday together.  In order to save both time & effort on preparing the turkey, I decided to look into the possibility of ordering one precooked.  I heard you could buy one at the BBQ restaurant down the street from us.  I gave them a call to check on pricing, and it was like $100 for a turkey (Yikes!)  However right across the street, you can buy a rotisserie chicken for like $2.  Needless to say, we might be eating chicken instead of turkey this year for Thanksgiving!
  • Last Friday night one of our friends invited us over for dinner and a presentation about a non-profit organization that he helped create called Empowering Learners.  This non-profit group helps support schools, teachers, and the students of schools in Namibia, Africa.  They have provided everything from books, technology, and now their working on building a new schools too!  It was great learning so much about an organization that is providing and empowering so many people to succeed.  For more information on Empowering Learners or to find out how you can get involved, check out their website:
  • We had a Kuwaiti happy hour with some friends last week after work to kick off our weekend.  Of course you will remember that the happy hours here are a bit different, and don’t include any booze.  Instead, we find a nice sheesha bar along the beach, and just eat food and smoke out of a hookah pipe until it gives us a headache. It’s still a great way to spend time with our friends!

Well that’s our week in a nutshell, hope to see everyone again next Monday!

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