The Things Mitch Misses Most – UPDATE!!

If you have been following our blog you might remember this post, here is a quick update.

The other day we were walking through our local grocery store picking up a few items for the week.  After our basket was full we proceeded to the cashier to pay for our goods, when SUDDENLY . . . . . . out of the corner of my eye . . . . . . . I spotted something!  I froze in my foot steps as Rachel proceeded to the checkout lanes. As I slowly turned my head, this is what I saw:

photo 1-2

Hmmmmm . . . . What could this be?

I grabbed the small, delicate, 355 mL aluminum can in my hand, and began to a slowly rotate it in my hand.

photo 2-2

Could it be . . . . . .

Then I saw this!

photo 3


Much to my surprise, I had located a can of Mountain Dew in Kuwait! I contained my excitement, however on the inside, I was jumping for joy! I had found a can of the luscious . . . green . . . liquid, I had so desired. I wanted to buy the entire selection, however I refrained and only grabbed one can. I hustled to the cashier lanes to meet back up with Rachel, as I grinned from ear-to-ear.  

Upon our return home, I slowly opened the can with glee.  I took a sip, and realized that it tasted a bit different, so I probably won’t buy one again.  The good news though, I no longer miss Mountain Dew.

One comment

  1. Let’s hope you don’t happen to come across a can of beer! Would suck if you have the same result as the Mountain Dew! Cheers!!! Be safe.

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