Daily Travel Podcast

I had a crazy awesome experience a couple of weeks ago.  I was interviewed by Nathaniel Boyle of the Daily Travel Podcast.  To truly understand how all this went down we need to rewind a bit.  

rachel-johnson1For as long as I have loved to travel, I have loved reading about it!  I read about travel as a child with my Grandpa with only an Atlas and an Encyclopedia.  I would read travel journals, travel memoirs, touristy travel books, and most of all: travel blogs.  I have found there is no better way to read about a location, than through the words and first hand accounts of real unbiased people.  About a month ago, I was reading one of my all time favorite travel blogs called the Everywhereist. In one of her posts,  she very casually mentioned that she had been interviewed on a podcast called the Daily Travel Podcast.  As I clicked on the link I didn’t realize I was jumping down a rabbit hole of awesomeness!  On the website were interviews with amazing world travelers talking about their favorite places and best travel tips.  

The downside….there were only 5 interviews currently available on the site.  I was discovering this website in its first week of ever being on the air!  Needless to say, I was instantly a fan.  I listened to all 5 episodes in one sitting and patiently impatiently waited for the new episode to be released the next day.

In the months leading up to our move to Kuwait the Daily Travel Podcast became a daily part of my life.  I listened to it as I did the dishes, went for a walk, or while driving in my car.  It was truly the dose of daily inspiration I was needing to reassure me, that Mitch and I were making the right decision to move to the other side of the world.  

I became such a huge fan of the show that I did something I don’t normally do, I sent out fan mail!  I truly wanted to tell Nathaniel how helpful and amazing I thought his show was.  I never intended for Nathaniel to even write back but he did!   

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 4.52.01 PM

Nathaniel’s response to my fan mail!

After a few messages back-and-fourth, explaining to him our decision to move to the other side of the world, he asked if I would be interested in further discussing our move on Skype.  I was completely shocked and humbled by his offer and told him I would love to be a part of what he is creating.  

If you are interested in listening to my interview check it out here.  More than anything else though check out some of the other podcasts that Nathaniel has put together, it is an amazing wealth of advice and inspiration!  He has interviewed a ton of amazing travelers and it is extremely surreal to see my own picture amongst them.  


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