In the last post I wrote about some of the questions we have gotten from family & friends since sharing with them that we were moving to the Middle East, however; I didn’t write about the one question that I have received more than any other: “Are you scared?”  I thought I would take a moment to answer that question.

Yes, I am very scared.

I think that most people are asking me this question thinking that I am scared of living and working in Kuwait, and at this point I feel really great about that decision. I am not scared of immersing myself into a new culture and learning about a new religion, I welcome that aspect of our move.  I am not scared of the current political situation in Kuwait.  Kuwait’s neighbors have been politically unstable for quite a long time but Kuwait itself has been doing great.  

All that said, I am scared.  I am deeply terrified of missing my family and friends.

I don’t know how you move 6,746 miles away from the people you love without being scared. 

As the days get closer I feel that pit in my stomach grow and grow. As I was telling Mitch about this fear the other day he looked at me and said “Home is always just a plane ride away.” and it made my pit shrink at least a tiny bit.  


My nieces and nephew….wouldn’t you miss these cute little faces too?

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