Part of our decision to move to the Middle East was that we have very little holding us back.

  • No kids
  • No dog
  • No plants….seriously, we don’t have any, I killed them all already

It seemed like such an easy and carefree time in our lives to make a decision like this, we just had one large item we needed to take care of before we really had zero responsibility, our house.

We needed a plan, it had to be rented or sold before August.  So we did what anyone would do in our situation when they found out they were moving to the other side of the world; we avoided it.  We did nothing to get ready for this in February, March or April and all of a sudden it was May 1st and we had a mini panic attack that we needed to make some decisions with our house.

So we met with a rental agency and a couple different realtors and decided selling was the best way to go for us.

So we took a long hard look at our house and decided that we had to some work to do. So we called family and friends and got to work.

That is how our house went from looking like this….

To this….

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